Battery Safety Tips And Tricks July 07 2017

A quick guide on battery safety for vape devices. We created this video to show our customers how to care for there batteries used in there starter kits and mods. Video was filmed at our Vape shop located in Nunawading, Melbourne Australia.



Product Spotlight: Voopoo Drag 157 Watt Resin Edition July 07 2017

The Drag Box Mod by Voopoo Tech has been a great success in store and it isn't hard to see why. Sporting a solid steel design the Drag also features one of the shortest firing delays on the market today which is rated at 0.25 Milliseconds.  The resin panel version provides a unique resin panel over the original carbon fiber style finish. 

Now available in store from our Melbourne Vape Shops located in Cheltenham and Nunawading or Order online for prompt delivery Australia Wide!









The survey results are in! July 06 2017

Hi Everyone,


We just wanted to say a huge huge thank you to every single person who participated in our recent survey which helped us with our submission to the Australian Government inquiry into electronic cigarettes.


There were some great outcomes from this and while there were some results that were were confident that we knew rough percentages around some of the answers totally blew us out of the water.


How long have you been vaping for?

Are you male or femaleWhat age bracket do you fall intoYour yearly incomeDo you currently vape with nicotine?Do you support the full legalisation of nicotine for use in electronic cigarettes in Australia?

Thank you to everyone who participated, it means the world to us.





Product Spotlight: Not Another Tobacco June 26 2017

Not Another Tobacco was born from an idea that not everyone wants to vape fruits or desserts. We've been developing this simplistic yet complex ejuice range over the last 18 months and currently have 3 flavours available with more to be released in the future. 

Dirty Harry - a realistic cigarette taste


High Noon - vanilla & caramel tobacco



Santa Fe - an RY4 laced with caramel



All the Not Another Tobacco range start at $13.95 for a 50ml making it one of the best value eliquids in Australia. Do yourself a favour and try all 3 today. Available online or in store at our Cheltenham and Nunawading retail outlets.

Vapers of Australia - we need your help! June 05 2017

The state of vaping in Australia is rapidly going downhill - between regulations choking most states, nicotine being illegal to use / sell and the government wanting to enforce tougher restrictions it's time to stand up and be heard.

The Health Minister, Greg Hunt, has launched an inquiry into the use of electronic cigarettes in Australia and we need your help to push the point that vaping is not a crime.

We are doing a submission on behalf of the business but we also need everyone to help us out. If you want to do your own submission and tell your story you can via


however if you don't know what to say or don't have the time we've done the work for you - all you need to do is fill in this form and we will submit it on your behalf


We are also gathering some data to add weight to our submission and need 2 minutes of your time to fill this in - please share this with everyone, time is of the essence on both of these.

Thanks so much for your ongoing support & for helping us fight for everyone.


The Wick & Wire Co. family x

Victorian e-cigarette legislation and what to expect! May 04 2017

As of 1 August 2017, the laws in Victoria are changing which will see regulations around the sale, advertising and restricted places of use for e-cigarette and vaping related products.

The sale, use and possession of e-cigarette products that contain nicotine remain banned under the Victorian drugs and poisons legislation and adults can continue to purchase non-nicotine e-cigarettes from retailers and online stores, including Wick and Wire Co.

The changes in the regulations will see changes in the areas in which e-cigarettes can be used. All e-cigarettes and vape equipment will be able to be used in areas where smoking is not banned.

E-cigarettes cannot be used in smoke-free areas under the Tobacco Act 1987 including:

  • enclosed workplaces
  • outdoor dining areas
  • within 10 metres of outdoor children’s playground equipment, skate parts and underage sporting events
  • within 4 metres of entrances to, and within the grounds of, childcare centres, preschools and schools within 4 metres of entrances to public hospitals and Victorian Government buildings such as Victorian Government departments and courts
  • In cars with Children under the age of 16

Wick and Wire Co has strict rules which are covered by law and we will not sell e-cigarettes, eliquid, batteries, accessories, DIY products and rebuildable mods to a person under the age of 18. This has always been our policy however we are thankful to the government for enforcing this after August 1st.

The Wick and Wire team will ask individuals and young people who look under the age of 30 for identification to ensure that we are not selling any vaping related products to individuals under the age of 18.

Changes to our vape shops include:

  • Some products that are currently in sight and visible may be covered.
  • E-cigarette products will not be visible from anywhere inside or outside a retail shop.
  • Advertising or promotional materials relating to e-cigarette products will not be visible.
  • New signage will be on display advising to customers that e-cigarette products are available for purchase at the shop.
  • A price board at point of sale will be visible to inform customers about the brands and prices of products for sale.
  • Customers will not be able to sample liquids, products and equipment inside the store, nor will customers be able to try your new products in enclosed spaces such as vape shops, retail outlets or in smoke-free areas.

Wick and Wire Co will be changing the way we do things over the next few months to ensure that we are in line with the retail guidelines set out by the Victorian Government. We will continue to provide the same excellent service to our customers in a comfortable, friendly atmosphere and quality products to customers.

Visit the Victorian State Government reform factsheet here for more information.

Vaping experts available for media calls & articles May 01 2017

We here at Wick & Wire Co. have a long standing relationship with the media participating in interviews with local & national newspapers, national TV programs such as the news and 60 minutes and we are available. We have the research, the knowledge and the media training to ensure that you get the information that you want.

We have experts on our team who can educate you on the state of vaping in Australia, on the legalities of vaping and other topics.

Please use the contact us form which can be found via and we will have someone contact you.

Vapor Trails 60minutes feature April 12 2017

The team at Wick & Wire Co. were asked to take part in a piece by 60minutes about nicotine, the big tobacco industry and vaping.

Interviewed were insiders from British American Tobacco, who are pushing smokers to put down the cigarettes and start using e-cigarettes instead. BAT chief scientist told 60 minutes “If you smoke cigarettes and you smoke cigarettes all your life, then on average half of those cigarette smokers will die prematurely”

60 minutes has found that by interviewing The Royal College of Physicians as well as British American Tobacco that e-cigarettes or vaping is about 95% less harmful than cigarette smoking.

"We're very confident that compared to smoking, the harms involved (with using e-cigarettes) are certainly no more than five percent of the risks from smoking," Dr Nick Hopkinson (The Royal College Of Physicians ) said. "So for someone who is a smoker, switching across to vaping is a huge improvement in terms of their health risk," he said.

After 10 years of vaping in Australia, there is no evidence available showing any harm or side effects. As we are all aware it is illegal to use nicotine in e-cigarettes because the federal government cannot identify enough evidence to support them; however at Wick & Wire Co we know that the results speak for themselves with us and many of our customers who have successfully quit and improved their health as a result.

Click the image below to watch the piece on 60 minutes.

Easter Hours April 11 2017

The Easter Bunny is coming this weekend - are you team eggs or team hot cross buns?

Hours over Easter
Friday 14th: closed
Saturday 15th: 10am - 4pm
Sunday 16th: 10am - 4pm
Monday 17th: 10am - 4pm

After this we're back to normal.

Just a reminder for online friends to get your easter orders in by 1pm if you're in a next day metro delivery area & need supplies. For postage during this time please allow additional time as Friday & Monday are public holidays and mail is not delivered on these days.

Sending of online orders & email support not available between Friday 14th & Monday 17th, both will resume as normal after this time.

Have a safe time everyone!

The W&W team, and vape bunny Charlie x

Wick & Wire Co. are hiring! February 28 2017

Are you a customer service superstar? Do you love talking to people about all things Vape related? Are you proactive and go the extra mile for people?
Wick & Wire Co. are hiring. Due to rapid expansion we are looking for all rounders to work in our 2 Melbourne Stores based in Cheltenham and Nunawading.
We are looking for casual team members who fit the bill. Minimum 3 days per week on offer and days are flexible but must include a weekend day and Mondays.
You must be well versed in both hardware and the liquids we stock, with an emphasis on wanting to help people start vaping. Training will be provided, however you will require some basic knowledge of how vaping devices work.
Your duties will include:
• Helping customers at all levels of vaping, with a focus on beginner - intermediate users (because we were all there once!)
• Guiding people through Australian Nicotine importation and the use of a Doubler Calculator
• Guiding people through vaping best practices, maintenance of their devices & battery safety
• Answering the phone & helping customers with queries
• Restocking shelves
• Cash handling & eftpos transactions
• Tidying of front and back of shop areas
• Assisting with cleaning & tidying of store
• Cleaning & filling of tester tanks
• Some heavy lifting of boxes
If you're a student or looking for extra income, semi retired or somewhere in between then we'd love to hear from you. We encourage mature, reliable, honest people 18+ to apply.
Knowledge of vaping products, a can do attitude and a like of dogs is a must. Preference will be given to candidates who don't mind working in either store from time to time.
Interested? Send us a 1 page cover letter outlining your experience, your availability, what your current vape setup is, and why you feel you would be a good fit for our store to
Applications close Friday 10th March and successful candidates will be contacted after this time.
We look forward to hearing from you.

Battery safety, battery charging & best practices February 20 2017

More and more we are seeing the misuse of loose 18650 batteries and it's time that we laid it down again for you so that nobody gets hurt.

To help you understand in simple terms we are going to reference one of our favourite movies of all time - Back to the Future.

In the movie Doc needs to help Marty get back to the 80's using a cable, and an electric current caused by lightening.

Think of your battery as the cable from the clock tower in this movie. It doesn't do a lot on it's own but when struck by a power source (the lightening) it will fire, causing electricity.

The same happens when your 18650 battery is struck by anything metal that will cause it to fire. This can be a conductor in your mod or it can be something else like a set of keys, a knife, a mobile phone with a metal backing. Literally anything metal. You don't want your battery to touch anything that it's not supposed to.

The best way to carry your 18650 battery to ensure that it doesn't fire when it's not meant to is in a specially designed battery case which should secure tightly and not be left to bounce around in your bag, pocket or car. 


The right battery for your device

All of the products that we sell require a high discharge amp battery, and batteries are not something that you should ever scrimp on. We don't recommend any batteries that have the word "fire" in them, or anything that isn't a reputable brand like Samsung or Sony.

Batteries sold from specialty electronics retailers may not have the required amp discharge for your device, so we do not recommend purchasing these either.


Charging your batteries

Firstly, you should never use an Apple, Samsung or other mobile phone fast charger, or a fast charge computer port to charge any of the items we sell. This is a huge no-no as it will kill the battery.

All Litihium Ion batteries have a tiny tiny fuse in them that when pushed to charge at rates they aren't used to (over 1amp) are designed to shut down. Sometimes they will come back on, but won't be performing at optimal (or full) charge. 

To put it simply if you think of a standard powerpoint in your house, if you plug too many items into it at once it can shut off and overload the circut, causing a break in the fuse. This is the same with charging any battery operated device on a high amperage charger like the ones mentioned above.

The quickest way to charge stand alone batteries is through a c tick certified battery charger such as a Nitecore or an Efest. If your battery is an internal one (non-removeable) then we suggest something like the Jackson 1amp USB charger for your device.


Inserting your batteries the right way around

18650 batteries are not your standard battery, and all care should be taken to ensure that these are inserted into the device in the correct position.

Batteries have 2 ends - the very smooth negative end, and the end with the prongs / pins which is your positive. If you are prone to forgetting things, you can mark your batteries with a + and a - at the appropriate ends. 

Ensure that your batteries are inserted the correct way in by looking inside the mod first for either the + or the - sign.



All batteries if mishandled may explode, vent gas or burst into a flame if not used correctly or misused. 

When not using in a personal vapourizer, your batteries should be stored in an appropriate carrying case, out of direct sunlight and away from heat.

The Do's

  • Ensure that batteries are stored in a protective case when not in use
  • Ensure that a battery is inserted the correct way into a device and that the positive and negative ends are in the correct position
  • Ensure that all devices are turned off when not in use (not in sleep mode but completely turned off – usually with either 3 or 5 clicks, refer to your user manual)
  • Ensure the battery is charged using a suitable c-tick approved device
    Ensure the battery is kept away from heat, flames and direct sunlight
  • Ensure the battery is used in a device suited to the battery type and that the amperage is compatible with the tolerances of your device

The Dont's

  • Don't throw a battery in your pocket or a bag without an appropriate carrying case
  • Don't carry unprotected batteries in a pocket with metal objects such as keys or coins
  • Don't use batteries if the battery is discoloured or shows signs of liquid damage
  • Don't use batteries if the battery's wrap is damaged in any way
  • Don't store or leave your batteries in direct sunlight or in a hot area such as a car
  • Don't charge your device via a phone charger or anything above 1 amp. This can damage the device and void warranty
  • Don't over-charge or over-discharge batteries
  • Don't leave batteries on a charger overnight or unattended while charging

 As always if you have any questions please contact us or visit one of our stores


Buy Now, Pay Later! February 15 2017

Wick & Wire Co now offer zipPay - so now you can shop now and pay later!

Buy now. Pay later. Interest free - The smarter way to pay online and in-store.

How it Works?

Step 1: Simply select zipPay at checkout

Step 2: Sign up and sign in with a social account or email and you will get a decision straight away.

Step 3: Complete your order

Step 4: You pay us over time weekly, fortnightly or monthly, whichever suits you best.

Enjoy your wick and wire gear sooner - when you want it and when you need it!

Shop Now for zipPay!
You can find out more about zipPay on our website here

Pay now with PoliPay February 15 2017

Wick and Wire Co are now offering PoliPay as an easy payment method to shop with us for all your vape needs.

What is PoliPay?

Pay with your internet banking.

POLi is the online payment option that allows you to use your internet banking to securely pay for goods and services.

How does it work?

Step 1: Select POLi to make a payment

Step 2: Log in to your bank and select preferred account (this will ask you to add your online banking customer ID and password).

Step 3: Confirm your payment (this will take payment from your online banking institution)

Step 4: Collect your products!


POLi offers a great alternative to credit cards. We provide a seamless and secure payment experience by connecting you to your bank, without any registration needed. Our goal is to make online payments quick and easy.

1. It is FREE

2. It is secure

3. You can pay WITHOUT a credit card or PayPal

4. You get an instant receipt!

5. No need to sign up or create accounts!

6. It is EASY to use!


Shop now with Wick & Wire Co and try PoliPay at the checkout!

Summer is here - Getting the best out of your vape during the hot weather! February 14 2017

It's 30 degrees outside and you're sitting in the sun sweating your bum off. You look at your tank and there's a slow dribble happening from the bottom around the airflow rings... my tank is broken! you exclaim, before drowning your sorrows in another cold drink.

But all is not lost. You see, the liquid inside your tank is designed to thin out when it is heated, this is what helps makes the vapour you produce when you take a draw on your tank. It can also mean that if your tank is left in direct sunlight, in a hot room or your car the tank can start to show some signs of leakage - but all is not lost.

If your tank starts to leak from the bottom, unscrew the tank off your mod then unscrew the bottom part, usually where the airflow rings are, then unscrew the coil from this (if it is screwed into the base).

Run the base under some water and leave to dry overnight, or dry out with a cotton bud. Re-assemble, paying attention to re-seating the coil correctly and so that it is finger tightness, then screw the top of your tank on and you're ready to go.

Make sure that you also remove any liquid that may have seeped onto your mod or around the 510 connector, the part you screw your tank into.

Also, it's best not to leave batteries in direct sunlight at all. It can damage and potentially short the battery. 

Have fun vaping this summer!

The Wick & Wire Co. Team


We're open & keeping you company this Festive season! December 20 2016

We're open & keeping you company this Festive season!

Cheltenham & Nunawading stores are open this week as normal up to Saturday then as below
Sunday 25th December : Closed
Monday 26th & Tuesday 27th: 10am - 4pm
Wednesday 28th, Thursday 29th, Friday 30th: 10am - 6pm
Saturday 31st: 10am - 4pm
Sunday 1st January: Closed
Monday 2nd: 10am - 4pm
Normal trading hours will resume after this.
For postal orders go to
Wishing you all the best for the silly season
The Wick & Wire Co. team xox

Cut off times for Postal Orders, leading up to Christmas and over the New Year. December 15 2016

To make sure that you're not left short or without supplies during the festive season our cutoff times have been extended for the next week. 

Due to the processing times with Australia Post please allow additional time for Express Post orders if you are inside the next day delivery network. We do not control delivery times, this is up to Australia Post.

Friday 16th December orders placed before 2pm AEST will go out same day

Monday 19th, Tuesday 20th, Wednesday 21st - Orders placed before 2pm AEST will go out same day

Thursday 22nd December orders placed before 4pm AEST will go out same day

Friday 23rd December orders placed before 12pm AEST will go out same day

Monday 26th, Tuesday 27th, Wednesday 28th - No Post due to scheduled Australia Post holidays.

Thursday 29th, Friday 30th December - orders placed before 12pm AEST including orders from 23rd - 29th December will go out same day

Monday 2nd January - No Post due to scheduled Australia Post holiday.

Tuesday 3rd January - regular cutoff times resume

Full Australia Post operating hours and delivery times can be found at






New stuff to round out the year December 14 2016

We've had a mad 12 months here at Wick & Wire Co. We've tried to bring some awesome products to Australia that nobody else carries and to round the year out we have a few more to share

Okami Brand uses fashion to style their signature juices. With flavours such as Lychee Lauren (a Lychee x White Peach Tea), Dolce & Guava (Mango x Guava) and Berry McQueen (Strawberry x Mochi) the flavours are easy on the palette as well as tasty to boot! Our pick of the bunch is the Twerps which was a collaboration between Okami and our most favourite designer Greg Mishka. The Okami starts at $24.95 for a 30ml bottle.

Next up is something that we are just love love loving - Vape Tea. In 3 great flavours Green Tea (Green Tea x Honey), Milk Tea (Black Tea x Condensed Milk) and Taro Milk Tea (Black Tea x Condensed Milk x Taro) there's something for everyone. Vape Tea is a steal at $24.95 for a 30ml bottle.

Lastly on offer we have emerging brand Humble Juice Co. who have 3 fantastic ranges under their belts - Humble, Hustle and Havoc that all offer different flavours at great prices. The range we are taking on is growing so keep your eyes on our website over the coming weeks for a lot more of their flavours.

Thanks for all of your support over 2016, we hope that we can continue to keep your tanks & RDA's filled, your coils wicked and your batteries charged in 2017.

The Wick & Wire Co. team x

Victorians and Friends - Fight for your right to vape! August 02 2016

Afternoon Wickheads, we hope you're all having a great day!

Attention Victorians (well, really everyone!) - Fight for your right to vape.

Do you enjoy coming into one of our retail stores, or other speciality retailers in Victoria for a vape, to try flavours and to find out what's new? Did you start out vaping by calling or emailing us with questions needing guidance on where to start? Have you ever gone "what does this button do" "what coil do I need" "what does variable wattage or temp control do" and asked us for help?

Under proposed legislation you will no longer be able to vape in store, try anything at the juice bar (well there won't be one) and we won't be able to display products or even tell you what's new in store. We won't be able help you set up your new device, recommend a device or upgrade for you or tell you what your current or new device does. Seriously. It's utter madness.

We know a lot of you came to us before you started vaping and were confused, not knowing where to start, how to set up your device or sometimes how to turn it on of off, and now you're doing well. We want to be able to continue to help new people - like you once were - know where to start, what device is best for them and how to change things like coils or the wattage on their mod. 

The owners of Wick & Wire Co. were recently invited to Parliament to have their say on the proposed legislation to add personal vapourizers into the tobacco legislation. The changes to the legislation have already been passed through the lower house, and in 3 weekson the 18th August the bill will be presented to the upper house. This will be our last chance to act, and time is not on our side.

So what can you do?

Write a letter to your local MP's and representatives of the upper house. Share your vaping story and how the changes will affect you. Tell them you want to be able to get help when you need it. Tell them you want to be able to try flavours and support local businesses. It is literally a 5 minute exercise, but every email helps. The contact details are below so if you feel so inclined send your letter to all the upper house reps. Let them know how you feel about being lumped in with the smokers. Let them know your story.

Need email addresses - we've got them for you. Just cut, paste and send - it's too easy!

Thanks Wickheads for your time. We hope to be of service to you soon.

Stuart & Bella

High VG vs High PG August 01 2016

We get a lot of people who come into the store asking us about High Vegetable Glycerine (VG) and High Propylene Glycol (PG) liquids.


In short

High VG = More Vapour and thicker liquid

High PG = More throat hit and thinner liquid

50/50 ratio = Best of both worlds


Most e-juices come in 50/50 ratio, although if you are looking for a higher VG version of anything 50/50 you can purchase a doubler and add VG to it to make it a 75 VG / PG ratio.

The thing to remember when looking at High VG juices is can your coil handle it. Most coils under 0.5 ohm are ok with higher VG juices as they heat at a higher temperature which VG needs to vapourise. Any coil over a 0.5 we recommend would be more suited to a 60 VG / 40 PG ratio at the very maximum as the thicker liquids take more power and time to heat, which will burn out a higher ohm coil quicker.

On the flip side to this some people want more of a throat hit so we recommend no more than a 60 PG / 40VG ratio because if your liquid is too thin it can leak through the bottom of your tank (if it is bottom fill).


Getting the most out of your starter kit: The starters guide to Vaping July 07 2016

We speak to people every day who start vaping, but are unsure as to what the best practices are when it comes to looking after their new kit. Here are some tips to get the best life out of your mod.

Basic Terminology:

Mod - is the part which holds your battery. This could be built in, or a removable battery. Each device is different.

Tank - is the part that holds your eliquid.

Drip Tip - is the part you suck on, to take in the eliquid.

Coil - is the part that heats your eliquid, creating vapor. This screws into your tank.


Some commonly asked questions we get are below, if we have sent you a link to this page from an email you have sent chances are it will help your issue.


How do I charge my new device?

Most devices we sell are able to be charged via USB plugged into a device such as a laptop or computer, Samsung (non fast) wall charger, or other USB charging port that charges under 1Amp. You can also get a stand alone wall / usb charger such as this one which will charge under 1Amp. You cannot charge any of the devices we sell on anything over 1Amp as this will kill the battery and void the warranty.

None of the devices we sell should be charged with an Apple charger as they run at different amperage's and will not charge your device, and in some cases have been known to shorten battery life. Charging your device on an Apple charger will void the warranty. While plugging your device into an Apple charger may look like it is charging, it isn't.

We recommend using something like the Jackson USB wall charger which does under 1amp charging for all of the devices that we sell.

intellectual property of

How do I carry my 18650 battery?

If your device uses an 18650 battery (a removable battery such as a Samsung or Sony) then you should always use a battery case to carry it. Leaving batteries loose in your bag or pocket can vent them, which is not good. Don't do this as it puts your safety at risk.

We have a great guide to battery safety here and if you are a first time user of these devices you should definitely give it a read.


How do I insert my batteries into my mod?

There is a + (positive) and a - (negative) symbol inside most mods. The positive side of the battery has a small circle at the top, and the negative is a smooth flat side.

intellectual property of

Coil maintenance, and when to change your coil
One of the questions we get asked the most is "when should I change my coil?". The answer isn't cut and dry, and will depend on how much you are using your vape, what kind of juice you are using in it (darker liquids have a higher sugar content, so may use up a coil quicker than a clearer juice), the PG & VG ratio you are using, and what wattage you are using your coil and mod at.

Generally speaking, most people will need to change their coil every few weeks but this can range from 1 day to 4 weeks. Your juice will start to either taste burnt, muted or like plastic - this is a good indicator of when your coil needs to be changed.

The other reason to change your coil regularly is that the cotton inside of it will break down and can cause leakage. If your tank is leaking, see below.


How to change your coil

(this is for bottom fill tank only, for top fill tanks or all in one units the process is slightly different in terms of where your coil is located but the principle is the same)

Unscrew your tank from the base of your mod

Unscrew the glass piece & top

Unscrew your old coil and dispose of in the bin

Take a new coil out from your packet

Put a couple of drops of eliquid into the top of the coil. The top is usually the part where you can see the cotton.

Leave this sit for 3-5 minutes, this is priming the coil.

Screw the coil back into your tank using the screw end (this can be top or bottom depending on your unit) and if needed refill your tank with your eliquid.

Before screwing the tank back onto the mod (or turning the mod back on if it is an all in one setup) take a few puffs on the tank. This will pull juice through the cotton and will give you less chance of burning a coil out.

You can also use this process when you change flavours in your tank to help the flavour change quicker.


When should I clean my tank?

If you happen to burn out your coil, the juice in your tank can be spoiled. If you've changed the coil and still have a funny or burnt taste then it's time to clean your tank out. If your tank isn't "spitting" then it needs a clean. The easiest way to do this is as follows:

Unscrew your tank from the base of your mod.

Unscrew the glass part and top part where your drip tip mouthpiece are.

Remove the drip tip by pulling it out.

Unscrew your coil & put this to the side - you cannot wash this

Rinse all of the parts except the coil under lukewarm water, or soak for a couple of minutes in warm - hot water using a solution like Milton if you like.

Pat dry all the pieces with paper towel, paying attention to cleaning inside the bottom of the tank.

Once it is all dry reassemble it all together again, making sure that your coil is finger tight, and your tank is not too tight on your mod.


Why has my tank leaked?

If you overfill your tank,

Have flown with it or been at a different altitude,

Left your tank out in the sun on a hot day

Haven't screwed your coil in correctly, or it's crooked

Not changed your coil for a few weeks / months or

Used an RBA base with no cotton in it

chances are your tank has leaked. If this has happened, follow the steps above to clean your tank and it should rectify your issue. 

If the issue is not fixed, you may need to change the O-Rings which are the rubber rings inside the tank. Certain juices that contain an acidic base (such as a fruit or citrus juice) may also wear down the O-rings. Remove these and change as required.


Why is my tank "spitting"

If the tank has been over filled, the device you are using has been fired before being put into your mouth, the tank is being fired at too low a wattage or if the coil is too tight for your draw (I.E. a mouth to lung coil when you should be using something looser) then your tank may experience a build up of liquid in the top and around the drip tip.

This happens because the tank & coil needs a certain amount of air circulation to work properly. If a tank is being fired but not drawn on, then the vapour has nowhere to go but build up inside the top of the coil and around your drip tip. If you need to draw too hard then residual juice can build up around the sameness places.

The simplest solution for this is to clean the tank as above, paying special attention to the drip tip, underneath the drip tip and the top of the coil by lightly dabbing it with a cotton bud which should remove the excess liquid. 

If the issue is because you are drawing too hard on the tank, like trying to suck a thick shake through a thin straw, then we recommend you switch to a lower ohm coil with a looser draw, or opening the airflow on your tank (if it is adjustable)


My mod says "No atomizer"

Chances are your tank is not screwed down onto your mod properly - you might have under or over-tightened your tank onto your mod, as this is an error message that comes up when your tank is not connecting.

Check that your coil is screwed in finger tight and straight, and that the tank is also finger tight on your mod. Your tank should be easy to remove without force, if it is tightened down too much it can break the connector pin, which is not good.

Where do I get Nicotine?

Nicotine is illegal to sell, supply & gift in Australia. We have a very comprehensive guide on where you can source your own Nicotine for personal use here.

Wick & Wire Co East Now Open! May 23 2016

It's here Melbourne's newest vape store has arrived! Dubbed Wick & Wire Co East and located in Nunawading, Victoria.

For the first few months we will be open seven days a week with extended trading hours on Thursday and Friday nights.

We are really please with the end result of the fit out and able to hold all the same products as our online store and our other Melbourne vape shop located in Cheltenham.

Opening Hours:

  • Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday: 12pm - 6pm
  • Thursday, Friday: 12pm - 7pm
  • Saturday, Sunday: 10am - 4pm


We have also created a new facebook page dedicated to the Nunwading Store. If you want to find out more specific information on new products and in store events please head on over and give it a like!


And to find out more about our other Melbourne vape shop located in Cheltenham please head on over to this link which also includes driving directions and travel information to both our retail locations.


Wick & Wire Co. are Hiring! May 05 2016

Are you a customer service superstar? Do you love talking to people about all things Vape related? Are you proactive and go the extra mile for people? 


Wick & Wire Co. are hiring. Due to rapid expansion we are looking for all rounders to work in our 2 Melbourne Stores based in Cheltenham, and the soon to be opened Eastern Suburbs store. Work for the biggest & best vape stores in Melbourne!

We are looking for casual team members who fit the bill. Minimum 2 days per week and days are flexible but must include a weekend day. You must be well versed in both hardware and the liquids we stock, with an emphasis on wanting to help people start vaping. Training will be provided, however you will require some basic knowledge of how vaping devices work.


Your duties will include:

  • Helping customers at all levels of vaping, with a focus on beginner - intermediate users (because we were all there once!)
  • Guiding people through Australian Nicotine importation and the use of a Doubler Calculator
  • Answering the phone & helping customers with queries
  • Packing online orders
  • Restocking shelves
  • Cash handling & eftpos transactions
  • Tidying of front and back of shop areas
  • Labelling all the things (seriously, we label a LOT!)
  • Heavy lifting of boxes
  • Cleaning & filling of tester tanks
  • Ad hoc duties as required


Lots of staff perks including discounts, free stuff and getting your hands on stock before it hits the shelves. Pay rate dependant on experience.


If you're a student or looking for extra income, semi retired or somewhere in between then we'd love to hear from you. Onsite parking available (Cheltenham only) and close to public transport. We encourage reliable, honest people 18+ to apply.


Knowledge of vaping products, a can do attitude and a like of dogs is a must. Preference will be given to candidates who don't mind working in either store from time to time.


Interested? Send us a 1 page cover letter outlining your experience, your availability, what your current vape setup is, and why you feel you would be a good fit for our store to


Applications close Friday 13th May and successful candidates will be contacted after this time. 


We look forward to hearing from you.

Wick & Wire Co. <3's Perino! May 05 2016

One of our favourite new juice lines in the shop is the London based Perino.

Perino flavours aren't the norm - with combinations such as Rhubarb & Custard, Dark Chocolate / Peppermint and a Blueberry / Aniseed these flavours are sure to tantalise tastebuds.

We find these juices are on the more tart tip, which is great for those who don't like overly sweet flavours.

They are available to try in-store now or to order online for prompt delivery. 

Got a Cuboid Mini? Here's a great user guide for you! May 05 2016

We absolutely love our Joyetech Cuboid Mini here at Wick & Wire Co, and have found this great user guide to help you with the alignment of the tank if you ever need to remove it from the mod.