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  • February 20, 2017

    More and more we are seeing the misuse of loose 18650 batteries and it's time that we laid it down again for you so that nobody gets hurt.

    To help you understand in simple terms we are going to reference one of our favourite movies of all time - Back to the Future.

    In the movie Doc needs to help Marty get back to the 80's using a cable, and an electric current caused by lightening.

    Think of your battery as the cable from the clock tower in this movie. It doesn't do a lot on it's own but when struck by a power source (the lightening) it will fire, causing electricity.

    The same happens when your 18650 battery is struck by anything metal that will cause it to fire. This can be a conductor in your mod or it can be something else like a set of keys, a knife, a mobile phone with a metal backing. Literally anything metal. You don't want your battery to touch anything that it's not supposed to.

    The best way to carry your 18650 battery to ensure that it doesn't fire when it's not meant to is in a specially designed battery case which should secure tightly and not be left to bounce around in your bag, pocket or car. 


    The right battery for your device

    All of the products that we sell require a high discharge amp battery, and batteries are not something that you should ever scrimp on. We don't recommend any batteries that have the word "fire" in them, or anything that isn't a reputable brand like Samsung or Sony.

    Batteries sold from specialty electronics retailers may not have the required amp discharge for your device, so we do not recommend purchasing these either.


    Charging your batteries

    Firstly, you should never use an Apple, Samsung or other mobile phone fast charger, or a fast charge computer port to charge any of the items we sell. This is a huge no-no as it will kill the battery.

    All Litihium Ion batteries have a tiny tiny fuse in them that when pushed to charge at rates they aren't used to (over 1amp) are designed to shut down. Sometimes they will come back on, but won't be performing at optimal (or full) charge. 

    To put it simply if you think of a standard powerpoint in your house, if you plug too many items into it at once it can shut off and overload the circut, causing a break in the fuse. This is the same with charging any battery operated device on a high amperage charger like the ones mentioned above.

    The quickest way to charge stand alone batteries is through a c tick certified battery charger such as a Nitecore or an Efest. If your battery is an internal one (non-removeable) then we suggest something like the Jackson 1amp USB charger for your device.


    Inserting your batteries the right way around

    18650 batteries are not your standard battery, and all care should be taken to ensure that these are inserted into the device in the correct position.

    Batteries have 2 ends - the very smooth negative end, and the end with the prongs / pins which is your positive. If you are prone to forgetting things, you can mark your batteries with a + and a - at the appropriate ends. 

    Ensure that your batteries are inserted the correct way in by looking inside the mod first for either the + or the - sign.



    All batteries if mishandled may explode, vent gas or burst into a flame if not used correctly or misused. 

    When not using in a personal vapourizer, your batteries should be stored in an appropriate carrying case, out of direct sunlight and away from heat.

    The Do's

    • Ensure that¬†batteries¬†are stored in a protective case when not in use
    • Ensure that a¬†battery¬†is inserted the correct way into a device and that the positive and negative ends are in¬†the correct position
    • Ensure that all devices are turned off¬†when not in use¬†(not in sleep mode but¬†completely turned¬†off ‚Äď usually with either 3 or 5 clicks, refer to your user manual)
    • Ensure the¬†battery¬†is charged¬†using a suitable c-tick approved device
      Ensure the battery is kept away from heat, flames and direct sunlight
    • Ensure the¬†battery¬†is used in a¬†device¬†suited to the¬†battery¬†type and that the¬†amperage is¬†compatible¬†with the tolerances of your device

    The Dont's

    • Don't throw a¬†battery¬†in your pocket or a bag without an appropriate carrying case
    • Don't carry¬†unprotected¬†batteries¬†in a pocket with metal objects such as keys or coins
    • Don't use¬†batteries¬†if the¬†battery¬†is¬†discoloured or shows signs of liquid damage
    • Don't use¬†batteries¬†if the¬†battery's wrap is¬†damaged in any way
    • Don't store or leave your¬†batteries¬†in direct sunlight or in a hot area such as a car
    • Don't charge your device via a phone charger¬†or anything above 1 amp. This can damage the device and void warranty
    • Don't over-charge or over-discharge¬†batteries
    • Don't leave¬†batteries¬†on a charger overnight or unattended while charging

     As always if you have any questions please contact us or visit one of our stores


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