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  • July 19, 2023

    About Arizer Dry Herb Vaporizers.

    Arizer is a renowned company that specializes in the manufacturing of dry herb vaporizers. With a strong reputation in the industry, Arizer is known for producing high-quality and reliable vaporizers that cater to the needs of herb enthusiasts.
    Arizer's vaporizers are designed to provide a premium vaping experience, allowing users to enjoy the full flavor and therapeutic benefits of dry herbs. Their devices are crafted with advanced technology and innovative features to deliver consistent heat, efficient vaporization, and user-friendly operation.
    One of Arizer's popular product lines is the Arizer Solo, which includes models like the Arizer Solo 2 and Arizer Solo Air. These portable vaporizers offer excellent performance, long battery life, and customizable temperature controls. The Arizer Extreme Q is another notable product, known for its versatility as a desktop vaporizer with both whip-style and balloon bag options.
    Arizer devices are appreciated for their durability, ease of use, and high-quality construction. They prioritize the use of medical-grade materials to ensure the purity of vapor and overall safety. Arizer also provides reliable customer support and warranties to ensure customer satisfaction.
    If you're looking for a dry herb vaporizer, exploring Arizer's range of products would be a wise choice. Their commitment to craftsmanship and innovation has made them a trusted name in the vaping community.


    Arizer has built a strong reputation in the industry, evident through their extensive selection of both desktop and portable dry herb vaporizers.

    Arizer Solo II Dry Herb Vaporizer

    Introducing the Arizer Solo II Dry Herb Vaporizer, the ultimate choice for enjoying high-quality, pure, and smooth vapor. This advanced device boasts a ceramic, stainless steel, and glass air path, ensuring easy maintenance and a hassle-free vaping experience. With its convenient digital temperature interface, you have complete control over the temperature settings.
    The Arizer Solo II Dry Herb Vaporizer boosts fast heat-up times, long-lasting battery lifeand engineered to reach optimal temperatures in under 30 seconds - so you can dive straight into your session without any unnecessary waiting. The powerful and reliable batteries provide hours of uninterrupted use, allowing you to indulge in vivid vaping experiences without worrying about recharging. Designed for both home use and on-the-go sessions, the Arizer Solo II guarantees flavorful and clean-tasting vapor, thanks to its unique glass mouthpiece and efficient airpath.

    Key Features:

    • Improving on the Original Solo: The Solo II builds upon the beloved original Solo, enhancing features such as faster heat-up times, improved battery life, and a digital display.
    • Glass Aroma Tubes: The vapor quality of the Arizer Solo II is elevated by the glass aroma tubes, which preserve flavor and cool down the vapor. Pre-load the stems with the help of Arizer stem cap packs for convenient on-the-go vaping.
    • Digital Display & Menu Customization: Enjoy full temperature control with the digital display. Set your desired temperature between 50°C to 220°C and customize settings such as display brightness, auto-shutoff time, power-on function, and operational beep.
    • Lightning-Fast Heat Up: The Arizer Solo II heats up to its maximum temperature in just around 30 seconds, a significant improvement over the original model and many other devices on the market. Spend less time waiting and more time enjoying your Solo II.
    • Upgrade your vaping experience with the Arizer Solo II Dry Herb Vaporizer today and embark on a journey of exceptional flavor and performance.

    Arizer Air Max Dry Herb Vaporizer

    The Arizer's Air MAX Vaporizer is truly a testement to Arizer's innovation and quality standards. Featuring their signature design, it offers versatility and convenience in one sleek package.
    Whether you're a seasoned vaper or new to the world of dry herb vaping, this device is sure to impress. With improved battery life, a digital display, precise temperature control, and all-glass stems, this portable vaporizer offers a refined and customized vaping experience while maintaining the classic Air design.

    Key Features:

    • Removable Battery & Improved Battery Life: The Air Max utilizes a removable 26650 Lithium-ion battery, providing up to 2 1/4 hours of continuous use. Easily switch out the battery or use the supplied USB-C charging adaptor for added convenience.
    • Digital Display & Customization: The Air Max features a digital display that offers various customization options. Take advantage of upgraded custom session settings, including temperature alerts, shut-off timers, and automatic screen inversion.
    • Precise Temperature Control: With its advanced ceramic hybrid heater, the Arizer Air Max ensures rapid heating and precise 1-degree temperature control. Choose from a temperature range of 50°C to 220°C (122°F to 428°F) for tailored vaping sessions.
    • Glass Aroma Tubes: The vapor quality of the Arizer Air Max is enhanced by its glass aroma tubes. These tubes not only cool down the vapor but also preserve the natural flavors of your herbs. Cleaning and maintenance are a breeze, making your vaping experience hassle-free.

    Arizer XQ2 Desktop Vaporizer

    The Arizer XQ2 is the ultimate vaporizer for those seeking a top-notch vaping experience at an affordable price. Building upon the success of the beloved Arizer Extreme Q, this desktop vaporizer has been thoughtfully crafted with the user in mind. With its high-quality ceramic components and precise temperature control, the Arizer XQ2 delivers exceptional vapor quality and flavor extraction, ensuring a satisfying session every time.
    It offers enhanced versatility and ease of use, thanks to its 360° rotating whip attachment, allowing for convenient sharing among friends. With three speed fan settings and a programmable remote control, you have complete control over your vaping experience.

    Key Features:

    • Optimized Convection Oven: The Arizer XQ2 is designed to fully extract the flavors and benefits of your dry herb. The improved airflow system ensures smooth and consistent vapor production through the whip attachment, eliminating any concerns of underwhelming results.
    • Newly Redesigned Herb Glass Bowl: Say goodbye to cumbersome loading and packing processes. The Arizer XQ2 features a user-friendly glass bowl, an upgrade from the popular Cyclone bowl found in the Arizer Extreme Q. Enjoy a tastier and more consistent vape with ease.
    • Aromatherapy King: The Arizer XQ2 isn't limited to dry herb vaporization. It also doubles as a powerful aromatherapy device, allowing you to vaporize or diffuse your favorite aromatics or essential oils. Enhance your living space with soothing scents and create a serene ambiance.
    • Modern LED Screen: Bid farewell to the outdated display of the original Extreme Q. The Arizer XQ2 boasts a newly designed LED interface that is intuitive and easy to navigate. Set your desired temperatures, program presets, and customize your vaping experience with simplicity and convenience.

    Arizer ArGo Dry Herb Vaporizer

    The Arizer ArGo Dry Herb Vaporizer is an ultralight and portable device from Arizer combines remarkable features with unmatched convenience, allowing you to enjoy on-the-go vaping.
    The ArGo utilizes Arizer's signature hybrid heating system to ensure exceptional vapor production during each session. Its airtight seals guarantee efficient heating, preventing any herb wastage. With the responsive digital interface, you can easily adjust the temperature to suit your preferences, enabling a customized vaping experience every time.
    One of the standout features of the Arizer ArGo is its swappable 18650 battery. This means you can enjoy longer vaping sessions by simply replacing the battery when needed. Keep the sessions going or carry spare batteries for extended use on the go.
    The Arizer ArGo strikes the perfect balance between performance and portability. Designed for both light and heavy users, it offers enhanced efficiency and sustainability in dry herb vaporization. Whether you're a casual vaper or a connoisseur, the ArGo is sure to impress.

    Key Features:

    • The Most Portable Arizer Unit Yet: The Arizer ArGo is specifically designed for portability, with the glass aroma tube recessed within the body of the device for added protection without compromising vapor quality. Enhance portability with the ArGo Stem Cap pack, allowing pre-loading of dry herb for easy on-the-go vaping.
    • Removable Battery: Similar to the Arizer Air and Air 2, the ArGo features a removable 18650 battery, providing approximately 90 minutes of battery life. Swapping the battery is effortless, allowing you to enjoy uninterrupted sessions throughout the day.
    • Digital Display & Customization: The ArGo boasts a digital display with useful customization options. Adjust the display brightness, power-up settings, shut-off timer delay, and audible beep to personalize your vaping experience.
    • Precise Temperature Control: Enjoy precise temperature control with the Arizer ArGo. Set the temperature from 50°C to 220°C (122°F - 428°F), eliminating any guesswork and ensuring optimal vapor quality.
    • Redesigned Glass Aroma Tubes: The ArGo features redesigned glass aroma tubes, making them more portable, concealable, and protected. Although slightly smaller in size, these tubes maintain the exceptional vapor quality Arizer is known for. Pack approximately 0.15 grams of herb into the ArGo tube for enjoyable sessions. Use the Arizer Argo water pipe adapter for smooth, filtered, and water-cooled hits.



    Arizer products are crafted, designed, and manufactured with premium materials. However, to ensure that your Arizer devise continues to perform at their best, it's essential to utilize the appropriate accessories to enhance your Arizer device's functionality, optimize your vaporization sessions, maintain the longevity of your device - and truly get the most out of your investment. Whether you have a portable vaporizer or a desktop unit, Arizer offers a range of accessories to complement and elevate your vaporization journey. We stock  some of the most commonly sort after Arizer Parts & Accessories, so you can continue to consistently enjoy satisfying sessions and maximize the benefits of your Arizer product. Visit the collection for the full range of Arizer Parts & Accessories

    5 Tips on how to get the most out of your Arizer Device

    1. Keep your glass bowl and stem nice and clean for best flavor and performances. Handy to have a few spare glasses, after a few sessions the glasses do get hot.

    2. For the Portable Arizers with the glass stem. don't over fill or tamper. try loading via the straw method.

    3. For the Desktops, both The Cyclone Bowl and the Connoisseur Bowl can be used in either system, but overall the Connoisseur Bowl is the much better option. allowing users to use a micro and macro bowl size just by flipping the bowl. and does produce better flavour.
    1. Both Desktops and Portables are able to be filtered through water with the right attachments. So try a water bubbler or run through a water pipe to change up the experience.
    2. Take slow and long draws to get very dense vapor. This inhalation technique allows for better heating of the herbs and increases the level of their evaporation. If you take a draw and you see that the temperature drops, and the heater switches on, it means that the draw is too intense, and it cools the heater down.

    Its clear that Arizer will continue to be an industry leader in the world of Portable and Desktop Dry Herb vaping technology with their ever evolving innovative devices. Whether you're a seasoned vaper or new to the world of dry herb vaping Arizer offers a range of devices to suit every preference.
    Visit WickandWireCo to explore our selection of Arizer products, available in-store at Cheltenham, Dandenong, Frankston, and Nunawading, or onlinewith shipping available Australia-wide and flexible payment options like Zip Pay, Klarna and Laybuy.

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