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  • September 05, 2023

    About FlowerPot Vaporizers.

    Introducing the FlowerPot: Your Ultimate Choice for Exquisite Desktop Vaporization of Dry Herb and Concentrates. With an unwavering dedication to innovation and an unrelenting passion for dry herb vaping and crafted with pride in Boynton Beach, Florida, USA, the expert team of engineers at CH and ardent enthusiasts devoted a full decade to meticulously refining this exceptional device. Every technical element, from the heating mechanism to the airflow dynamics, were meticulously fine-tuned to ensure a vaporization experience that transcends the ordinary. The result, a product that effortlessly surpasses all competitors in the market.

    "FlowerPot has forged a formidable reputation in the industry, as showcased by their premium assortment of ball vapes and dry herb vaporizers."


    Flowerpot B-Zero Injector Essentials Bundle

    Introducing the newest member of the CH lineup: the B-Zero head, meticulously crafted to cater to budget-conscious consumers.

    The creative minds at CH found their muse in the ingenious "secreagent" injector ball device, a creation born from their very own 18mm post.

    This exceptional device boasts a bored-through design, elevated by two purpose-built screen grooves, strategically positioned to cradle 3mm or 4mm ruby balls right at the intersection of the coil and the body. The outcome? A heating process that's not only incredibly efficient but also yields vapor instantaneously.


    Flowerpot F22 Essentials Bundle

    Introducing the Flowerpot F22 head – conceived during a phase of refining ball vapes. This state-of-the-art flowerpot head delivers an impressive impact, enhancing its heat sink capabilities by incorporating a precisely machined solid titanium cap and a meticulously crafted base screen. These advancements collectively enhance heat conduction and retention throughout the device.

    Thoughtful design integration has simplified both assembly and disassembly, allowing for effortless head swapping or dismantling for maintenance purposes.

    The F22 barrel presents two distinct configurations. The "standard" style features a "female" head, seamlessly compatible with the exterior of the shovelhead bowl and various other conventional bowl options. Its exposed 20mm coil arrangement strikes a harmonious balance between affordability and comprehensive functionality.

    While the titanium drop-in screen undergoes a tumbling process to eliminate any imperfections, it's worth noting that the tumbling might induce slight color variations.


    Flowerpot TOMCAT Essentials Bundle

    Introducing the Flowerpot TOMCAT head, also arrived when ball vapes were poised for refinement. This new flowerpot head makes a powerful impact by bolstering its heat sink capabilities through the integration of a precision-machined solid titanium screen at the base. This innovation remarkably heightens heat conduction and retention throughout the entire device.

    Designed for effortless use, this architecture enables seamless assembly and disassembly, allowing you to effortlessly switch between heads or disassemble the unit for convenient cleaning.

    The Tomcat takes innovation a step further with its unique double-sided head. Experience the initial convection-only draw with the "Injector" side, then flip to the "standard" side to preheat the bowl (shovelhead). This transition combines both convection and conduction, crafting an unparalleled extraction journey that defines a distinct vaporization encounter.

    While the titanium drop-in screen undergoes a tumbling process to ensure a smooth surface, it's worth noting that this procedure might also lead to a change in its color.

    Flowerpot B1 Standard Essentials Bundle

    The Flowerpot B1 head emerges as the evolutionary successor to the beloved Weedeater head, painstakingly designed to seamlessly integrate within the flowerpot ecosystem.

    Building upon the foundational principles of the Weedeater head, the CH team embarked on a journey of innovation, reimagining its internal architecture to accommodate 3MM or 4MM Ruby Pearls with flawless precision. This ingenious adaptation effectively more than doubles the heating element's surface area.

    Contrasting the linear air passages of the Weedeater, the incorporation of these pearls introduces a complex and nuanced airflow pathway. This intricate configuration directs the airflow around the pearls, resulting in heightened efficiency and the instantaneous production of vapor.

    At the heart of this experience lies personalization, affording you the opportunity to shape your vaping journey. Harness the versatility of a diverse array of ball materials such as Ruby, Sapphire, Quartz, and SiC, readily available for your exploration.

    The true artistry unfolds as you experiment with balls of varying dimensions, forms, and compositions. Each variation imparts a unique alteration in flavor and performance to the head, granting you the ability to curate a vaping encounter that resonates with your distinct preferences.

    Flowerpot B2 Standard Essentials Bundle

    The FlowerPot stands as the epitome of vaporizers, celebrated as the ultimate "End Game Vaporizer" within the distinguished CH lineup. Crafted with meticulous care, the FlowerPot guarantees the most potent vaporized "Bong Rips" achievable in the modern landscape. Every aspect of its design, quality, and material selection has been meticulously curated to establish an impeccable vapor pathway. This feat of engineering presents unrivaled versatility, seamlessly functioning as a dual-purpose apparatus for both flower and concentrate vaping, all executed with unparalleled finesse.

    Every essential covered. For those who possess a Glass Rig, this all-inclusive bundle ensures immediate satisfaction in both dry herb vaping and dabbing realms. With connection posts available in both 14mm and 18mm sizes, the FlowerPot B2 takes the forefront as the premier dual-purpose desktop vaporizer.


    Vaping with the FlowerPot 

    In order to optimize your FlowerPot experience, we highly recommend that you acquaint yourself with the following essential points.

    • Utilize a Fine Grinding Technique: Finer grinds result in denser vapor clouds and a more satisfying experience. To achieve this finely ground consistency, try using a 2-piece grinder. Multi-level grinders, unfortunately, do not deliver the required fine grind. The arm band grinder can be personalized with any 3" by ½" armband and should undergo a weekly cleaning routine using hot dish soap and a sturdy bristle brush. The significance of a fine grind can be illustrated by comparing it to coffee and espresso, where the primary distinction lies in the grind's fineness. It's essential to note that not all vaporizers can accommodate extra fine materials. You can rest assured, the titanium screen employed in the FlowerPot bowl has been meticulously crafted specifically for this purpose.
    • Initial Heating Duration: The Flowerpot requires approximately 3-5 minutes to reach the desired temperature. During the initial phase, we recommend allowing a full 5 minutes for the heating element to thoroughly saturate and stabilize. Once the Flowerpot has reached its optimal temperature, it can be safely left on its stand for extended periods, with manydry herb vapers keeping it operational throughout the day. Please allocate an additional 5 minutes for temperature adjustments to settle and become consistent.
    • Draw Speed/Lung Capacity: The speed at which air passes through the Flowerpot head directly affects the temperature of the vapor when it reaches the material. Faster airflow can result in decreased vapor production and a less satisfying experience. We recommend adopting a slow to medium inhalation speed to achieve the best vapor quality. Perfecting this technique may take a couple of days, but the ultimate aim is to vaporize the material just before it reaches the point of combustion, ensuring a smooth and cough-free experience. Additionally, remember that the Already Vaped Bud (AVB) can be repurposed to create fantastic edibles, so it's worth saving.
    • On-Demand Vaporization: The Flowerpot's unique feature lies in its capability to replicate the experience of a classic bong hit without resorting to combustion. The traditional bong hit, often ignited with a bic lighter, epitomizes the true 'on-demand' encounter. Flowerpot's design philosophy centers around emulating this traditional bong rip experience. Apply heat only when you're actively inhaling, similar to using a lighter. After each draw, safely return the heated head to its designated stand.
    • Versatile Compatibility: The Flowerpot vaporizer system has been meticulously engineered to seamlessly integrate with a wide range of standard glass pipes. This open and adaptable design of the Flowerpot ensures that customers can freely explore and acquire various glass pipes without concerns about compatibility. Every time you switch to a different glass pipe, it's akin to experiencing a completely new vaping session. Moreover, the electronics at the core of the system adhere to the industry-standard 20mm enail, eliminating any need for proprietary components.

    Flowerpot Vaporizer Parts & Accessories

    The Flowerpot vaporizer has extensive array of accessories and components, meticulously crafted to enhance vapor quality while effectively cooling the core components of the device. These carefully curated additions not only elevate your vaping experience but also contribute to the longevity and performance of your Flowerpot vaporizer, ensuring that every draw is a flavorful and satisfying one. From specialized cooling attachments to precision-engineered components, our accessory selection is geared towards providing you with an unparalleled vaping journey. Find a wide range of Flowerpot Vaporizer Accessories here.

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