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  • August 01, 2023

    The TinyMight - A new standard in the world of portable vapes.

    The TinyMight Vaporizer has revolutionized the world of portable vapes, setting a new standard for excellence. It all began with the groundbreaking first-generation TinyMight and then progressed to the innovative TinyMight2, showcasing the company's commitment to continuous improvement. TinyMight, a Finland-based company, excels in producing an exceptional range of portable vaporizers, renowned for their ability to create abundant, thick, and incredibly flavorful vapor. With their dedication to quality and innovation, TinyMight has earned its reputation as a leading player in the vaporizer industry, delighting vape enthusiasts worldwide with their remarkable products. The Tinymight 2 vaporizer is the upgraded version and has taked the already impressive original Tinymight to new heights. It boasts an incredibly fast heat-up time and outstanding performance, delivering thick, flavorful clouds instantly.

    Tinymight 2 - Key Features:

    On Demand Mode: Press the button to inhale, achieving quick pre-heat and dense clouds effortlessly.
    Session Mode: Maintain desired heat intensity for efficient bowl consumption.
    High Power Convection Heating: Draws hot air through the herb for optimal vaporization.
    Fast Heat Up: Approximately 2 seconds for rapid vaping.
    Adjustable Herb Chamber: Customize chamber size with the sliding cooling unit.
    Replaceable 18650 Battery: Easy battery swapping for continuous use and longevity.
    USB-C Charging: Rapid and efficient charging with USB-C technology.

    So What's New in Tinymight 2?

    American Walnut Wood: Improved insulation and solid feel in hand.
    Larger Size: Enhanced heat insulation, robust construction, and advanced electronics.
    Updated Battery Lid: Easier battery exchange without additional tools.
    Included Multitool: Convenient tool for various adjustments and handling.
    New Finish on Metal Parts: Scratch-resistant for long-lasting beauty.
    USB-C Quick Charge: Efficient charging with various adaptors.
    General Robustness: Strengthened construction for long-term use.
    Improved Taste: Tighter heater control for evenly vaped, tasty vapor.
    Enhanced Electronics: Redesigned system for improved performance.

    The Tiny Might 2 is definitely one for the dry herb vape connoisseurs. It does have a slight learning curve but potent punch with exceptional flavour. The Tiny Might is up there with the Mighty and has the best flavour in any portable we have tested.

    Tiny Might 2: Parts & Accessories

    Ensuring your Tiny Might 2 functions flawlessly, providing the best and most flavorful sessions, is of utmost importance. To achieve this, it is crucial to use only approved parts and accessories. While most parts and accessories designed for the TinyMight will work seamlessly with the Tiny Might 2, it is advisable to double-check compatibility, as some parts may not be suitable for both models. Prioritizing approved components guarantees optimal performance and a satisfying vaping experience with your Tiny Might 2.

    5 Tips to help you get the most out of your Tiny Might 2:

    1. Try the 80mm glass stem over the stock 55mm glass stem as it can get a bit harsh on the throat especially at higher temperatures. The Titanium stem is great for more out and about but not the best flavour.
    2. Pack very little with minimum tampering. Try the straw fill method like you would with the other glass stem vapes like the Solo II or Air Max
    3. Like all wood based vapes, it does get quite hot and does require regular maintenance. So don't forget to oil the wood and clean regularly this helps keep the device in the best condition for longer.
    4. Long slow inhales seem to produce the best result. Stir mid season for even extraction
    5. The 75w heater drains the 18650 battery in 3-4 bowls in session mode and shorter for On-demand mode so I highly recommend picking up a few spare batteries and a charger.



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