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  • January 17, 2024

    Flower Wand By Mini Nail - Product Review

    In our detailed product review, Nick our Frankston Vape Shop put the Flower Wand by Mini Nail through its pases over the course of several weeks. These were his thoughts;

    "The Flower Wand stands out as a user-friendly, compact, cost-effective ball vape without compromising on quality. Whether you're new to desktops and ball vapes or a seasoned space cadet, the Flower Wand extracts a thick and potent vapour that will have you couch-locked into space."

    About Mini Nail

    Mini Nail based in Washington, USA, started as an enail company in 2015, with the vision of creating a small, low-power, and reliable enail that would provide the best dabbing experience possible releasing their flagship product, the Mini Nail Micro Enail. In 2023 Mini Nail Released their own Ball Vape The Flower wand both in a kit from and in Flower Wand Accessories Bundle transforms any existing Mini Nail Micro Enail Kit into a Flower Vaporiser with this plug and play setup.

    How It Works:

    The Flower Wand is an injector-style Ball Vape that utilises a 20mm enail to heat quartz spheres, creating a substantial heat reserve. Inhaling instantly surrounds your herb with full convection heating, ensuring an intense and flavourful experience.

    Utilising a full convection heating method, where hot air from the quartz spheres surrounds the herb in the titanium bowl. This ensures consistent heat distribution for a thorough extraction of flavours and active compounds.

    Although it has a small footprint, don’t let the size fool you, Mini Nail Flower Wand doesn’t compromise on performance and packs a powerful punch. I was impressed at not only the heat uptime but the recoil heat uptime of the coil after taking a large inhale and by the time I was ready to take another, the wand was already back up to temperature ready to go even on those closer-together bowls, the Wand was ready for action.

    Whats In the box

    Out of the box, it consists of Mini Nail PID, Poker and Parker tool, stand, Flower Wand, and Titanium universal flower bowl. Which is compatible with 10mm Male, 14-18mm Male and Female, ultimately making it compatible with almost any glass rig.

    So other than a Glass rig, the only thing you really could need to get yourself set up with the Mini Nail is a scoop and debowler to make loading and unload your bowl easier.

    Mini Nail also makes a glass Flower bowl, which is a really nice addition for those who like glass bowls. They also do an Enail Bundle add-on and a heap of concentrate accessories for those who like their Dabs.

    Recommended Temperature Range:

    Keep in mind, the PID comes pre-calibrated in °C so we suggest running between204°C -315°C (400°F -600°F). We found a sweetspot between 285° C to310° C,however this may vary depending on desired effects, bowl size, Glass rig and draw speed of inhale.
    If you're thinking of switching it over to °F - it's not hard to do, we suggest contacting us or Mini Nail for assistance as it is as the pre-calibration makes it slightly different to a standard PID.

    Vaping Temp Guide:

    • 315°C = 599°F
    • 260°C = 500°F
    • 204.44°C = 400°F

    Burn Off Temp: 427°C = 800°F

    Caution: Do not exceed 593°C = 1100°F.


    • Small, lightweight and low-power usage 
    • Accurate and Precise Temperatures
    • The durable Titanium Flower Bowl holds up to about 0.4g 
    • The flower wand has a Wide open airflow, and the quartz spheres produce a thick flavoursome vapour.
    • Easy to clean, both titanium and glass bowls have a fixed screen and a removable mesh.


    • Spare Screens and Glass bowls are sold separately 
    • Uses a Mini XLR and is not compatible with other PIDs

    Who Is the Flower Wand For:

    The Mini Nail Flower Wand is great for those heavy smokers who are struggling to find a dry herb vape to kick the habit of combustion, or enthusiasts exploring the world of ball vapes. Out of the box, this wand's engine is pre-assembled and ready to go, offering a budget-friendly option without compromising quality.

    Top 5 tips on how to get the most out of your flower wand

    • Do not over-pack the bowl, keep it below the lip where the wand bowl meets. Only temper lightly.
    • Don't forget to tighten the threads on the titanium bowl before using and is not hot. It is important to note that regular use and heat will loosen the threading. And you don't want it to come apart while it's hot and have to put it back together. 
    • Take your bowl off your rig before stirring it - this may cause loose material or debris to fall into your stem and water.
    • Drop-down adaptors are a great way to move the Wand away from your face, just keep in mind it can destabilise your water pipe.
    • The glass bowl is a great option for those who prefer the flavour of a glass bowl. You might just turn your temperature down just a little bit as compared to using the Titanium Bowl. 

    Customizing your Mini Nail Flower Wand Dry Herb Vaping Experience. 

    While the stock standard out of the box setup is more than adequate for most, the more experienced dry herb vaping connoisseur might want abit more. Explore our collection of innovative add-ons Mini Nail Parts and Accessories that will surely take your Flower Wand sessions to the next level. 

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