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  • Getting the most out of your starter kit: The starters guide to Vaping

    July 07, 2016

    We speak to people every day who start vaping, but are unsure as to what the best practices are when it comes to looking after their new kit. Here are some tips to get the best life out of your mod.

    Basic Terminology:

    Mod - is the part which holds your battery. This could be built in, or a removable battery. Each device is different.

    Tank - is the part that holds your eliquid.

    Drip Tip - is the part you suck on, to take in the eliquid.

    Coil - is the part that heats your eliquid, creating vapor. This screws into your tank.


    Some commonly asked questions we get are below, if we have sent you a link to this page from an email you have sent chances are it will help your issue.


    How do I charge my new device?

    Most devices we sell are able to be charged via USB plugged into a device such as a laptop or computer, Samsung (non fast) wall charger, or other USB charging port that charges under 1Amp. You can also get a stand alone wall / usb charger such as this one which will charge under 1Amp. You cannot charge any of the devices we sell on anything over 1Amp as this will kill the battery and void the warranty.

    None of the devices we sell should be charged with an Apple charger as they run at different amperage's and will not charge your device, and in some cases have been known to shorten battery life. Charging your device on an Apple charger will void the warranty. While plugging your device into an Apple charger may look like it is charging, it isn't.

    We recommend using something like the Jackson USB wall charger which does under 1amp charging for all of the devices that we sell.

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    How do I carry my 18650 battery?

    If your device uses an 18650 battery (a removable battery such as a Samsung or Sony) then you should always use a battery case to carry it. Leaving batteries loose in your bag or pocket can vent them, which is not good. Don't do this as it puts your safety at risk.

    We have a great guide to battery safety here and if you are a first time user of these devices you should definitely give it a read.


    How do I insert my batteries into my mod?

    There is a + (positive) and a - (negative) symbol inside most mods. The positive side of the battery has a small circle at the top, and the negative is a smooth flat side.

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    Coil maintenance, and when to change your coil
    One of the questions we get asked the most is "when should I change my coil?". The answer isn't cut and dry, and will depend on how much you are using your vape, what kind of juice you are using in it (darker liquids have a higher sugar content, so may use up a coil quicker than a clearer juice), the PG & VG ratio you are using, and what wattage you are using your coil and mod at.

    Generally speaking, most people will need to change their coil every few weeks but this can range from 1 day to 4 weeks. Your juice will start to either taste burnt, muted or like plastic - this is a good indicator of when your coil needs to be changed.

    The other reason to change your coil regularly is that the cotton inside of it will break down and can cause leakage. If your tank is leaking, see below.


    How to change your coil

    (this is for bottom fill tank only, for top fill tanks or all in one units the process is slightly different in terms of where your coil is located but the principle is the same)

    Unscrew your tank from the base of your mod

    Unscrew the glass piece & top

    Unscrew your old coil and dispose of in the bin

    Take a new coil out from your packet

    Put a couple of drops of eliquid into the top of the coil. The top is usually the part where you can see the cotton.

    Leave this sit for 3-5 minutes, this is priming the coil.

    Screw the coil back into your tank using the screw end (this can be top or bottom depending on your unit) and if needed refill your tank with your eliquid.

    Before screwing the tank back onto the mod (or turning the mod back on if it is an all in one setup) take a few puffs on the tank. This will pull juice through the cotton and will give you less chance of burning a coil out.

    You can also use this process when you change flavours in your tank to help the flavour change quicker.


    When should I clean my tank?

    If you happen to burn out your coil, the juice in your tank can be spoiled. If you've changed the coil and still have a funny or burnt taste then it's time to clean your tank out. If your tank isn't "spitting" then it needs a clean. The easiest way to do this is as follows:

    Unscrew your tank from the base of your mod.

    Unscrew the glass part and top part where your drip tip mouthpiece are.

    Remove the drip tip by pulling it out.

    Unscrew your coil & put this to the side - you cannot wash this

    Rinse all of the parts except the coil under lukewarm water, or soak for a couple of minutes in warm - hot water using a solution like Milton if you like.

    Pat dry all the pieces with paper towel, paying attention to cleaning inside the bottom of the tank.

    Once it is all dry reassemble it all together again, making sure that your coil is finger tight, and your tank is not too tight on your mod.


    Why has my tank leaked?

    If you overfill your tank,

    Have flown with it or been at a different altitude,

    Left your tank out in the sun on a hot day

    Haven't screwed your coil in correctly, or it's crooked

    Not changed your coil for a few weeks / months or

    Used an RBA base with no cotton in it

    chances are your tank has leaked. If this has happened, follow the steps above to clean your tank and it should rectify your issue. 

    If the issue is not fixed, you may need to change the O-Rings which are the rubber rings inside the tank. Certain juices that contain an acidic base (such as a fruit or citrus juice) may also wear down the O-rings. Remove these and change as required.


    Why is my tank "spitting"

    If the tank has been over filled, the device you are using has been fired before being put into your mouth, the tank is being fired at too low a wattage or if the coil is too tight for your draw (I.E. a mouth to lung coil when you should be using something looser) then your tank may experience a build up of liquid in the top and around the drip tip.

    This happens because the tank & coil needs a certain amount of air circulation to work properly. If a tank is being fired but not drawn on, then the vapour has nowhere to go but build up inside the top of the coil and around your drip tip. If you need to draw too hard then residual juice can build up around the sameness places.

    The simplest solution for this is to clean the tank as above, paying special attention to the drip tip, underneath the drip tip and the top of the coil by lightly dabbing it with a cotton bud which should remove the excess liquid. 

    If the issue is because you are drawing too hard on the tank, like trying to suck a thick shake through a thin straw, then we recommend you switch to a lower ohm coil with a looser draw, or opening the airflow on your tank (if it is adjustable)


    My mod says "No atomizer"

    Chances are your tank is not screwed down onto your mod properly - you might have under or over-tightened your tank onto your mod, as this is an error message that comes up when your tank is not connecting.

    Check that your coil is screwed in finger tight and straight, and that the tank is also finger tight on your mod. Your tank should be easy to remove without force, if it is tightened down too much it can break the connector pin, which is not good.

    Where do I get Nicotine?

    Nicotine is illegal to sell, supply & gift in Australia However it is legal to import for personal use. We have a very comprehensive guide on where you can source your own Nicotine for personal use here.

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