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Yep you heard right. Wick & Wire Co is now in New Zealand!


The best bit is we can sell our Australian customers who wish to use nicotine from New Zealand. Our range of Wick & Wire Co, Disco Clouds and Not Another Tobacco Eliquid range is available as well as some of our most popular US brands.


The even better bit is the pricing is about the same as we sell our liquids here in australia ensuring you get value for money but some of the best eliquids made in the world right at your finger tips. 


Need it urgently? We now offer DHL shipping and we have found customer getting there orders in 1 business day or choose our standard shipping which is free on orders over $50!


So what are you waiting for check


Please note all liquids with Nicotine are shipped from our New Zealand warehouse and there isn't any available from Wick & Wire Co Australia or at our Melbourne retail Vape Stores. Otherwise it is business as usual for our Australian Online Store and Melbourne Retail Vape Stores.