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  • March 21, 2023

    When a regular 20-packet of cigarettes can thin out your wallet $40 or more, a pack-a-day habit can cost you $280 over the week or $14,600 over a year — don’t get us started on a 20-year habit. While it can be a momentary pleasure, your pocket takes a hit, as does your health and lifestyle. That’s why more people are looking to vaping as a cigarette cessation device or for a wallet-friendly, pleasure-boosting experience. If you’re ready to try the lighter side of things but left thinking, “how much is a vape in Australia?” let us break it down and show you how the cost of vapes will be an afterthought once you give durries the boot. Read on to learn more!

    Cigarettes versus vapes

    The cost of smoking is an expensive hobby; you must constantly observe the supply in your pack to ensure you have enough to last you through the day. And if you don’t, you face hefty servo and corner shop prices. Aside from losing darts to scavenging friends and replacing lighters (from $2.50) like vanishing socks in the dryer — you’re always on the run to the shops for your next pack of 20s (from $41.26) until you work up to a deck of 30s (from $50.95) or even 50s (from $91.95).

    Even if you roll-your-own cigarettes, you’re always on the hook, stocking up on loose tobacco (from $22 for 10 grams to $129.95 for 50 grams), filters (from $1.90) and cigarette paper (from $1) — not to mention spares because you always run out of one before the other.

    And these are only the current prices — wait until you face the next annual tax hike, which increases prices by 12.5% every September. Today, taxes typically account for 60-69% of the cost of your cigarettes and tobacco products.

    Curious how much the price of vapes are? You can pick up a reliable starter kit from a leading brand for as little as $26, and once purchased, you won’t need to replace it! The only recurring cost is a bottle of e-liquid and replacement coils or wicks that are incredibly affordable and can last you for weeks to months, depending on how much or little you puff away.

    Starting to catch on to how vaping costs less in the short and long term? Continue reading to find out how little it will mean to your pocket.

    How much do vapes cost?

    The mammoth range of gadgets and gizmos can be a little intimidating — with a wide selection, you can choose from a complete kit where you don’t have to touch a thing or mix and match accessories for a custom experience. Below are a couple of the competitive vape prices you’ll find at Wick and Wire Co.

    Vape devices

    Vape devices come in all different types to match your vaping style; these include:

    • Pod vapes — With integrated and fixed coils, the cartridge can be refilled several times. Plus, they’re extremely sleek, discreet and compact enough to fit in your pocket, wallet or purse. You can score a bestselling Uwell Caliburn from $30 and a mod-pod hybrid with all the bells and whistles for just $175.
    • Box mods — Shaped as the name implies, box mods feature integrated or replaceable batteries with control over wattage and burn, among other things. These vapes cost $45 without the tank or atomiser and in excess of $150 if you customise your experience and opt for luxury finishes or tailored settings. 

    A number of factors contribute to how much vapes cost — these include:

    • If the product is finished with premium materials like stainless steel, leather and carbon fibre
    • If the vape has specialised settings like temperature control and high wattages
    • If the vape uses high-end DNA chipsets
    • The brand could be a collaboration with another label
    • The brand is a specialty niche label where the devices are handmade

    The cost of vape e-liquids

    E-liquids are an essential component, where you have an incredible range of delectable flavours from local and international labels to select from. While prefilled pods and disposable vapes are convenient, they can eat into the price of vaping. Filling your tanks yourself is the most economical option to blow clouds.

    You can sample an e-liquid from $13 or score a decadent choice at $35. While you can pick up a smaller bottle at 50mLs or 75mLs to try out different blends, selecting a large fill bottle will make the price of vaping cheaper per unit. If you’re unsatisfied with standard mixes, you can blend your own flavours and add in sweeteners and cooling agents, which can also affect the price but improve your smoking experience.

    The cost of accessories

    At some point throughout your vaping journey, you may need to replace small parts to keep your vape running smoothly and to its full capacity. These events occur few and far between, making the cost negligible throughout the year. These may include coils from $5 for a packet of five, batteries from $12, or a little more if you want to change the design by swapping out the drip tip.

    Find a vape for every budget at Wick and Wire Co. today

    From the billowing clouds to the tantalising flavours you can experiment with, you can set yourself up to vape long term with the price of a single packet of cigarettes. Didn’t you wish you had started earlier? Now you’ve discovered how much vapes cost in Australia; it’s time to start saving while living large with a beginner, intermediate or advanced vape from Wick and Wire Co. We carry the latest ranges from the leading brands that will match your vaping style with fervour. Explore the affordable collection to start vaping your way.

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