October 25, 2021


Coil life is something we all care about as vapers. Even though coils are affordable we all want to get as much bang for our buck. There are some tricks to increasing the life of your coil so let's visit some of those.

How do I get my coil to last longer?

  • Set your wattage closer to the lower end of the wattage range. Let's say your coil has a wattage range of 40-60W, it will die quicker if you vape at 60W and it will last longer if you vape at 40W. We're pushing the coil less at a lower power so it can help the coil last longer.
  • Take shorter puffs. As we take a puff we are gradually vaporizing the e-liquid that has been absorbed into the cotton wick, if you take long puffs the cotton is becoming fairly dry at the end of the puff which will cause it to burn a little. It may only be a little bit but over time these small amounts of burning add up and can cause a coil to die quicker than we would want it to. Reducing the length of your puff can help greatly.
  • Allow more time between puffs. Once we've taken a puff the cotton wick will have dried out a bit, if we take another puff straight away the wick may not have had time to absorb enough liquid to stop any burning of the wick. This can be something we do without realising it, we chain-vape sometimes and this can cause a coil to die quicker. Give the wick a bit of extra time to soak up that delicious juice before puffing again and it will help your coil life immensely.
  • Vape juices that are less sweet. The sweeter the juice, the quicker it will kill your coil. This is because the sweetener used in e-liquids will caramelize and cause that familiar burnt flavour that we all know and hate. Experiment with different juices and you should find that the ones with less sweetener don't cause your coils to die as quickly.
  • Prime the coil properly before use. Priming your new coil is essential, it makes sure you don't fry it instantly but it can also help with long-term coil life if you build your power up gradually. Let's say your coil has a wattage range of 40-60W, that doesn't necessarily mean you should start vaping it that high though. Start a bit lower at about 25W, have a few puffs and increase it a few watts, and repeat until you reach your desired wattage level. This can help break the coil in and increase the life of the coil.

How else can we help coil life?

Do you have any tricks that we haven't listed? Let us know! We love hearing about methods people use to get the best out of their vapes.

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