Melbourne Vape Meet - 28th March 2015

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Making our way out to a vape meet being organised by the Melbourne Vape Community Facebook Page 28th of March 2015. We've been really busy since launch and it will be great to meet other melbourne vapers over a beer or two. 


More details can be found on the Facebook page. At time of writing it will be held at the Palace Hotel in South Melbourne from midday and will be a great time for anyone interested in taking up vaping in melbourne to meet some vapers and feel free to ask any questions they might have. I'm sure there is going to be people of all different levels of experience to share information. 



Going to bring some of our e-juice line for attendees to sample on the day. If your attending come and say hello happy to discuss any of the Wick and Wire Co product line or answer any questions you may have about vaping and electronic cigarettes in melbourne.