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There are two vaping styles?

When we discuss vaping it's important to note that there are two very different inhalation styles available to suit the needs of different vapers. Today we'll detail both MTL (mouth to lung) and DTL (direct to lung) so you as a new vaper have a better idea of what kind of device you would enjoy.



Mouth To Lung (MTL)

MTL is designed to emulate smoking a cigarette. Characteristics of MTL are typically low power, tight airflow (more restriction to the draw), and compact in nature. Because of the tight airflow, the user must use a two-stage draw like when smoking a cigarette, where he/she physically pulls the vapour into their mouth first and then inhales as a secondary motion. The amount of vapour that's produced is very similar to a puff on a cigarette. Mouth to lung vaping will be very familiar for smokers, it's about as close as you can get. Take a look at our MTL range here.


Direct To Lung (DTL/DL)

DTL is vastly different from MTL, in comparison it is typically significantly more powerful and has very loose airflow. The combination of higher wattage and loose airflow means the user is filling their lungs with vapour very quickly, very much like if you were to take a deep breath before jumping into water. The inhale is quite dense and the exhale is very cloudy. DTL devices require a lot of power to operate and therefore require a larger battery, which results in DTL units usually being larger than MTL units, but not always. If you're interested in producing dense vapour and large clouds then direct to lung vaping is the option for you. Take a look at our DTL range here.


Can one device do both styles?

Some devices have the ability to provide the user with both styles of vaping through the use of different airflow slots and coils. These devices are a good introduction to the different styles of vaping, for those who are unsure of which style to opt for. It's the best of both worlds! Whatever style you decide to go for we have many options available online or in-store at BundooraCheltenham, Dandenong, Nunawading, and Pakenham. For more information about vaping in general, check out our Ultimate Guide to Vaping.