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We've had a mad 12 months here at Wick & Wire Co. We've tried to bring some awesome products to Australia that nobody else carries and to round the year out we have a few more to share

Okami Brand uses fashion to style their signature juices. With flavours such as Lychee Lauren (a Lychee x White Peach Tea), Dolce & Guava (Mango x Guava) and Berry McQueen(Strawberry x Mochi) the flavours are easy on the palette as well as tasty to boot! Our pick of the bunch is the Twerps which was a collaboration between Okami and our most favourite designer Greg Mishka. The Okami starts at $24.95 for a 30ml bottle.

Next up is something that we are just love love loving - Vape Tea. In 3 great flavours Green Tea (Green Tea x Honey), Milk Tea (Black Tea x Condensed Milk) and Taro Milk Tea (Black Tea x Condensed Milk x Taro) there's something for everyone. Vape Tea is a steal at $24.95 for a 30ml bottle.

Lastly on offer we have emerging brand Humble Juice Co. who have 3 fantastic ranges under their belts - Humble, Hustle and Havoc that all offer different flavours at great prices. The range we are taking on is growing so keep your eyes on our website over the coming weeks for a lot more of their flavours.

Thanks for all of your support over 2016, we hope that we can continue to keep your tanks & RDA's filled, your coils wicked and your batteries charged in 2017.

The Wick & Wire Co. team x