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What's happening with nicotine?

There has been a lot of speculation about the upcoming changes to nicotine vaping products. This isn't the end of vaping in Australia and we want to ensure that everyone has adequate time to secure a prescription where needed.

Will I need a prescription after the 1st of October?

Yes. Import regulations for Australian vapers are changing after the 1st of October 2021. This means that Australians will need to hold a valid prescription to access nicotine vaping products.

Where do I get a prescription?

You can chat to your local GP or head over to ATHRA's website to find a list of doctors who are up to date with current regulations.

QuitClinics offer a 100% online consultancy to obtain a prescription for 12 months at the cost of $85. If you use the code "WK10" it'll be 10% off. If QuitClinics are unable to help you, the fee is refunded.

Is this a nicotine ban?

This is not a ban. If you have a valid prescription you can import nicotine vaping products. Nicotine has not been banned for import from overseas retailers, just re-classified as Schedule 4 (prescription only).

Is this a bad thing?

On the surface this sounds like a bad thing but every cloud has a silver lining. Being prescription only ensures that all people accessing vaping products are of legal vaping age, are ex or current smokers, and have tried other nicotine replacement therapies. This shows that vaping is being recognised as a smoking cessation tool.

To find out more about this, the TGA's website has more information on the upcoming changes.

What about getting vaping products in Australia?

We do not sell nicotine in Australia, nor do we import it. To access nicotine products please visit our sister company Wick & Wire Co NZ. Accessing your starter kits, coils, nicotine-free juice, and other items you normally purchase from us in Australia will not be affected. Our stores (both online and brick and mortar) will not be affected. We're here to stay!