Pre-filled vs Refillable Pods

January 16, 2021

Pre-filled vs Refillable Pods

Are pre-filled pods or refillable pods better?

Pods like Juul, Relx and Myle come pre-filled with e-liquid which seems convenient but it does limit the user. The range of flavours for these devices is relatively small so the user doesn't have much freedom of choice. Some pod systems are completely disposable vapes too like HQD Cuvie and Puff Bar, which means they're adding many batteries to landfill along with the usual plastic.

Pod systems at Wick & Wire Co are refillable, which means the user can select from countless flavours to use with their pod vape, you're not locked in to a tiny range. The e-liquid in pre-filled pods is also far more expensive per millimetre.

How expensive are pre-filled pods?

The average cost for a packet (4) of JUUL pods: $50

The cost per week when using the average one pod per day: $87.50

If we take the price-per-ml of JUUL juice and scale it up it's over $1,000 for 60ml! A 60ml bottle of premium e-liquid from our range is only $24.95, the average pod user uses less than 60ml in a week, the saving is massive!



Is it hard to refill and change pods though?

Not at all. Refilling a pod takes less than 60 seconds and is as simple as opening a filling port and squeezing some e-liquid in. Changing a pod or a coil is just as easy.

Are pre-filled nicotine pods legal to buy in Australia?

No. Trading of nicotine products of any kind is illegal in every state and territory in Australia.

Can I buy refillable pod vapes easily in Australia?

Yes. Because these pod systems are refillable with whatever flavour you choose they are completely legal in Australia. At Wick & Wire Co we have a great range of pods and other devices available, whether it be in-store or online.

The More You Know!

Hopefully now you have a better understanding of the different types of pod vapes that are available from Wick & Wire Co. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us, or visit one of our five stores around Melbourne (BundooraCheltenhamDandenongNunawading, and Pakenham) and our friendly and knowledgeable staff will walk you through the options. For more information about vaping in general, check out our Ultimate Guide to Vaping.

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