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  • July 10, 2023

    Staff Pick - YLLVape Angus 

    Nick from our Frankston vape shop has been using the Angus for a few weeks now, here's what he has to say about it:

    "The Angus packs a heavy punch producing a nice thick, cool and flavoursome vapour. Using halogen and glass beads to produce a very pure terpene-based flavour. The Angus is one of the best convection-based portable dry herb vapes I have tested."

    How does it work?

    Utilising an innovative halogen heating system at its core, which combines glass beads and halogen light bulbs to bring your herbs to vaporisation temperatures. Unlike other vaporizers that use convection, and conduction, The Angus uses a halogen light bulb as its primary heat source. The bulb produces heat and light, which are absorbed by the glass balls beneath the herb chamber. As you inhale, the heated air travels through the glass balls before reaching the herbs, resulting in a flavorful vapour.

    How does it perform?

    The combination of radiation heat from the glass balls and convection heat from the halogen bulb ensures excellent vapour production and a pure convection flavour.

    The Cooling Unit does an amazing job to cool the extremely flavorful and potent vapour. I found less throat irritation compared to the mighty but with the same punch if not more.

    The unit does get quite hot especially the wood near the bowl and the metal however but with the heating method and portable size that’s to be expected.  
    Note: Not recommending doing back-to-back sessions as the 18650s get hot. Minimum 5-10 mins to cool down between sessions. Also not recommend charging while hot. Heat is a combination of Convection, Halogen heating and the glass beads hold most of the heat.

    I found that 0.3g - 0.4g seems to produce the best results. which is larger than the mighty and does take a little longer to heat up.

    The dosage caps make it great for on-the-go or micro dosage holding around 0.15g to 0.25g and also help cut down on cleaning.

    Results may vary due to strain, herb quality, grinder and moisture content.

    Highly recommend trying the Angus through the Water with the (link product) WPA is definitely worth adding in. Using the WPA the Angus I was able to achieve a full extraction in 3 large inhale and the herb was nicely roasted. 

    It’s also worth having a spare set of batteries for more regular usage. I found the Molicel 28A and Samsung 30Q (link product) work the best.

    Who is LLVape Angus good for?

    The Angus is a heavy hitter that produces a desktop-like ball head vape but in a portable size and is the perfect session vape for those looking for a portable full of flavour that can keep up with the mighty.

    Top 5 tips on how to get the best use out of your YLLVape Angus.

    • Fine to medium grind seams to work the best. Dont over tamper/ pack to tight. Avoid herb over the o-rings and cooling unit, aspecially when using the WPA and upside-down.
    • To help speed up cooling down the device remove cooling unit between sessions.
    • Avoid touching metal area while hot. Close the mouth piece when not using to avoid breaking. Before putting in case allow device to cool.
    • The device is more suited for slow, long inhales. Dont be afraid to run a lower temperature if needed or try the WPA.
    • Avoid over tightening battery door and dosage caps. Clean unit and dosage caps regularly
    • To ensure you get the best out of your YLLVape Angus, always use the correct associated parts & accessories as specified by the manufacturer. Shop a full wide range of¬†YLLVape Parts & Accessories here.

    At Wick and Wire Co, we stock the YLLVape Angus Dry Herb Vaporizers including associated parts and accessories that can be purchased online or in-store from your local Melbourne Vape Shops located in Dandenong, Cheltenham, Frankston, and Nunawading





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