March 22, 2022

Staff Picks - Mighty Plus by Storz and Bickel

Nick from our Frankston vape shop has been using the Mighty Plus for a few weeks now, here's what he has to say about it:

"I love the Mighty Plus, it feels great in the hand, vapour quality is hard to beat, and the 1-hour quick charger (45w quick charger sold separately) offers 6-8 bowls depending on temperature. The Mighty plus is one of the most powerful portable vapes on the market and won't disappoint. Packing a heavy punch and producing consistent thick vapour quality every time. The terpene profile is nice and pronounced, even when using the dosing capsules I noticed very little flavour drop and highly recommend using them to help keep your devices clean."

*Nick is using this device legally via the medical cannabis scheme in Victoria

Who is the Mighty Plus good for?

Whether you're new or a dry herb connoisseur, the mighty packs a heavy punch and won't disappoint. Perfect for medical patients or anyone looking for a desktop quality vape in a portable size. You can find the Mighty Plus here.

Need to brush up on dry herb info?

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