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What is a dry herb vape?

As the name suggests, a dry herb vape is designed to be used with flower material, most often cannabis. Cannabinoids within the plant material are vaporized without any combustion taking place.

What kinds of dry herb vapes are there?

The two most common types of dry herb vapes are conduction and convection.

How does a conduction dry herb vape work?

A conduction vape works by direct contact with the flower material. An element will heat up and cause the cannabinoids to vaporize for the user to inhale. You could think of a conduction vape as being somewhat like a frying pan, where the food is in direct contact with the pan.

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How does a convection dry herb vape work?

A convection vape works by heating air, which is then circulated through the material, vaporizing the cannabinoids evenly. A convection vape is similar to an oven, where there is no direct contact and the hot air does all the work.


Are all dry herb vapes electronic?

Most dry herb vapes are electronic but vapes like the Dynavap are completely analogue and require a jet lighter to heat the element, which in turns heats the flower material and vaporizes the cannabinoids.

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Can you adjust a dry herb vape?

In most cases, yes. Temperature can be raised and lowered to adjust the strength of the hit. Most people will use a lower temperature earlier in the day and a higher temperature in the evening to aid with sleep. Some devices have controls on the actual device and some devices are controlled via an app. Dry herb vapes that have on-device control may have an LCD screen or LED lights as the user interface.

What are the different parts of a dry herb vape?

  • Battery: most dry herb vapes use lithium-ion batteries similar to the ones found in nicotine vapes. These batteries are rechargeable, some are internal and some are removable.
  • Oven/chamber: this is where you pack your flower material. Depending on the device you may need to grind the flower finely and pack it tight, or grind it coarsely and pack it loose, please refer to your instruction manual for your particular device for more information.
  • Buttons: various buttons can be found on these devices but are usually limited to power, up, and down (for adjusting the temperature).
  • Display: as mentioned previously this may come in the form of an LCD screen or LED lights to give the user information.
  • Mouthpiece: this is fairly self-explanatory, the mouthpiece is where you inhale from.

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How do you use a dry herb vape?

  1. Read your instructions. Even though we're very excited to use our new vape it's important to read the manual so we know how to use it properly and confidently.
  2. Charge your vape while you're reading through the manual.
  3. Do a dry run. Sometimes there can be residues left behind after the manufacturing process, we can get rid of these by performing a dry run (set the device to the highest setting and let it cool down again, do this a few times).
  4. Grind your flower material. Using a herb grinder, grind your material to the correct consistency (refer to the user manual for instructions on how fine or coarse your material should be).
  5. Pack your vape. Following the instructions in your user manual, pack the chamber with your flower material.
  6. Set the temperature and pre-heat your vape. Starting low is a good idea when you've just gotten your new dry herb vape, see how it feels and adjust the temperature upwards if required.
  7. Inhale. The length of your inhales can vary from device to device so be sure to refer to your user manual. Don't go all out just yet, dry herb vapes are pretty efficient and you get a fair bit out of each puff so take a couple of puffs and wait for the effect to kick in before having any more.

    Where can I find your range of dry herb vapes?

    You can find all of our dry herb vapes we sell online or instore at our Melbourne Vape Shops here.