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  • July 24, 2023

    While Australian governments have misunderstood that vapes are a fantastic smoking cessation device and instead lump them together with dirty durries, you can’t help but wonder what thevaping culture is like worldwide. After all, you’re at work and watching your social feeds filled with friends and acquaintances blowing clouds freely at luxe destinations around the world.

    If you’re feeling the travel itch and want to go on a little antipodean adventure overseas but are wondering whether your vaping style will match the local scene, our guide below will tell you whether certain destinations will let you pass immigration with your favourite mod kit.

    Taking vapes on a plane

    Unless you’re cruising, you’ll have to catch a plane to leave Oz, but learning whether you can take a vape on a plane is one of the first things you should find out after clarifying visa requirements. While there are no government-mandated bans on flying with them, whether you can transport them is up to the airline's discretion. In most cases, there will be few problems — however, they may prevent you from boarding with it, no matter how much your vape costs in Australia if your destination has an outright ban.  

    Vaping culture in New Zealand

    Interested in checking out the supreme vistas at Tongariro National Park? A visit to New Zealand may be in order but fret not — you won’t be the only one vaping. Despite a population of five million people, you’ll be joined by 350,000 new friends who are reportedly described as daily vapers. 
    With a lively vaping culture, you’re sure to be left impressed, discovering many of your favourite international e-liquids are made right here. However, there are many mixed emotions relating to vaping. While there are many vape shops around, there are limits to where they can be located, and you’re directed to refrain from vaping within hospitality establishments.

    Hightailing it to the USA

    When visiting the land of the free, sometimes it’s wise to read the fine print. After Juul, a popular vape brand, received huge backlash for advertisements that were deemed appealing to entice minors, there has been a considerable push to limit vaping, leading to many inconsistencies in how vaping andvaping culture are enforced. 

    Vaping is a state issue in the US, which means you need to be across what’s acceptable in each region you visit. While vaping in most public places is generally ok, many states and cities outright ban online vape sales, requiring you to buy in person. Other stipulations prohibit sales of flavoured e-liquids, leaving only tobacco varieties available for you to puff on — a funny situation in a country where many states are blessed with many dispensary chains retailing all sorts of goodies!

    Keep calm and puff on in the UK

    If you’re visiting London, it might not feel like you have left Australia at all with a huge population of Aussie expats. But unlike home, the UK takes a more measured approach that tries to balance the freedom of vapers while placing some restrictions to appeal to public safety ordinances.

    With vapes reportedly bringing in £1bn in business, vaping culture is alive and free in merry ole’ England with no bans on vaping in public spaces, and if companies and organisations permit it, you can even vape inside — you wouldn’t see that happen here in Oz unfortunately. 

    Despite leaving the EU block, the country regulates vaping in line with Europe’s Tobacco Products Directive (TPD), which restricts e-liquid cartridges to 2 mLs, so if you’re a heavy vaper, you may want to stock up.

    Vaping culture in Bali and Indonesia

    While vaping is allowed and met with a high 57% excise tax on vapes and e-liquids, the situation is a little precarious, where there is much public discussion for banning vapes altogether. Before booking your flight, double-check the current stance on the matter.
    But that doesn’t mean you need to worry; vaping culture in Indonesia is alive and strong; where the country allows advertising vapes on TV, they have an extensive network of domestic vaping bloggers and influencers and has a reported 300 domestic e-liquid brands supplying 4,000 vape stores in Indonesia.

    Enjoy a flavourful vape at home and abroad at Wick and Wire Co

    From blowing clouds from the banks of Melbourne’s Yarra River to sampling the taste of grape ice outside Buckingham Palace, wherever you go, you’ll find a vibrantvaping culture with a few catches in between. 

    No matter where your adventures take you, Wick and Wire Co will power your vape with an indulgent collection of international and local e-liquid brands, vape kits and accessories. To get the most out of your vaping, we invite you to review our ultimate guide to vape devices, or for friendly advice, feel free to contact us — we’re happy to help.

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