Vape Etiquette and Vaping In Public

November 10, 2020

Vape Etiquette and Vaping In Public

What is vaping etiquette when vaping in public?



One of our main enemies as vapers is non-vapers' perception of vaping and of those who vape. All too often vapers are seen as people who are damaging their bodies just as much as, if not more than, smoking would. We know this isn't the case but it isn't our own perception we're fighting.

Even though second-hand vapour has been found to be harmless, because second-hand smoke is harmful people are very wary of being around it. Please be courteous and do your best to not exhale vapour where it might blow into someone's face, those who don't vape probably don't want to inhale your delicious candy cloud.

If you're in a no smoking area, it is also a no vaping area in most states in Australia. Take this into consideration when vaping in public so you don't create more negative perceptions of us, and don't get yourself into trouble.

If someone yells out to you that vaping is worse than smoking, don't respond back with anger. Even though their opinion is incorrect we won't sway them with aggression. If they want to engage in a conversation with you, do so but provide them with some basic facts and do so in a friendly manner. You never know, that one person you manage to persuade might move on to educate others.

At the end of the day, every little bit we do that can sway the public's perception of us will help. Do your part and slowly but surely we can move towards having vaping become accepted in mainstream society.

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