Vapor Trails 60minutes feature April 12 2017

The team at Wick & Wire Co. were asked to take part in a piece by 60minutes about nicotine, the big tobacco industry and vaping.

Interviewed were insiders from British American Tobacco, who are pushing smokers to put down the cigarettes and start using e-cigarettes instead. BAT chief scientist told 60 minutes “If you smoke cigarettes and you smoke cigarettes all your life, then on average half of those cigarette smokers will die prematurely”

60 minutes has found that by interviewing The Royal College of Physicians as well as British American Tobacco that e-cigarettes or vaping is about 95% less harmful than cigarette smoking.

"We're very confident that compared to smoking, the harms involved (with using e-cigarettes) are certainly no more than five percent of the risks from smoking," Dr Nick Hopkinson (The Royal College Of Physicians ) said. "So for someone who is a smoker, switching across to vaping is a huge improvement in terms of their health risk," he said.

After 10 years of vaping in Australia, there is no evidence available showing any harm or side effects. As we are all aware it is illegal to use nicotine in e-cigarettes because the federal government cannot identify enough evidence to support them; however at Wick & Wire Co we know that the results speak for themselves with us and many of our customers who have successfully quit and improved their health as a result.

Click the image below to watch the piece on 60 minutes.