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  • June 08, 2023

    Smoking weed has been the default choice for many flower fanatics for years, but after understanding how its high heat can disturb the potency and reduce the beneficial and relaxing properties of their herb, many people are looking at the various advantages if theyvape weed vs. edibles will take the cake (pun intended!).

    Whether you have come home from visiting the CBD and THC-rich lands of Colorado’s dispensaries and want to continue the sesh, or you’re trying to design the optimum experience for the day ahead, taking a moment to consider howvaping weed vs. edibles consumption can help you enjoy the moment from first puff or bite to it wearing off altogether.

    What are edibles and dry herb vaping?

    Weed edibles are any THC or CBD-containing food and drinks you consume orally. While pot brownies are a common trope in movies, your strain is generally made into butter that can be used to make an assortment of baked goods, from brownies to biscuits and pancakes. For the more experienced chef, they can be prepared into gummy lollies, lollipops, drinks or infused into oils to drizzle over food. 

    Dry herb vaping uses an electricity-powered device where the flower is loaded into a chamber that is heated without burning it to release its psychoactive compounds and inhale through your mouth into the lungs.

    Whether you choosemarijuana vaping vs. edibles, many factors can determine how you will experience your strain, which we’ll run through below.

    What’s easier to consume —edibles vs. vapes

    While both ways of consuming your flower will revitalise your sense, the ease of use of using a dry herb vape is a no-brainer. They’re an intuitive device that simply requires you to fill the chamber with your herb, set the temperature if it can be adjusted and inhale with little practice needed for first-time vapers.

    On the other hand, edibles expect you to know a little bit of chemistry to extract the oils into butter without it separating so it can be evenly incorporated before mixing into your brownie or pancake mix. You’ll also need to thoroughly understand how much flower to use to ensure you get the potency right — just like in the tale of Goldilocks, you don’t want it too weak, too strong, but just right.

    How your body metabolises your strain

    To give you an idea of how long it will takecannabis edibles vs. vaping to kick in, your spiked food needs to travel through your stomach and digestive system before it gets processed by your liver and absorbed into your bloodstream, which means it can take an hour or two for it to relax you and give you a spurt of creative thinking. 

    Vaping weed is more readily accepted by the body as it’s absorbed into your bloodstream through your lungs, allowing you to experience its effects within minutes of taking your puff.

    How you will feel aftervaping weed vs. edibles

    For people who prefer a shorter sesh or enjoy its flavour and like to re-dose, vaping can be a more fruitful option as the duration of your trip is much shorter than edibles. Vaping brings on more immediate effects but has a shorter lifespan, allowing you to continue your day and re-dose when you want to.

    On the other hand, edible’s effects can last for hours and, depending on their strength and how much you’ve eaten, you’ll just have to ride it out. This makes dosing difficult as you’ll have to wait for your body to absorb it; it’s easy to eat another brownie and overdose — leading to the assumption they are stronger but are simply over-consumed.

    The potency of your strain betweenedibles vs. vapes

    The high heat produced by burning and smoking flower damages the amount of compounds released. However, many weed vapes allow you to customise the temperature so you can better savour its herbaceous aromatics, target certain terpenes from your strain and enjoy its full potency.

    While the heat created by baking edibles won’t harm the compounds, you never know how much you are consuming. Your strain’s strength might mean you need to adjust your recipe and, despite endless stirring, you can never be too sure whether it has been incorporated evenly into your food product. 

    Discretion — getting away with taking a puff or edible in public

    Apart from being a little giggly or relaxed, edibles offer the utmost discretion, allowing you to bite into a brownie wherever you are. Dry herb vaping is a little bit more obvious. Although most portable vaporizers create little vapour, the vegetal notes in weed are immediately recognisable, which might mean you save it for home or find an empty corner to have your session.

    Get the most out of your strain with one of Wick and Wire Co’s weed vapes

    While consuming your flower any way is enjoyable, the level of control offered by a dry herb vaporizer makes it easy to get the best experience every time. If you’re looking to create a user-friendly setup for yourself, explore the range of weed vapes at Wick and Wire Co and browse through a high-performing range from the top brands. Feel free to reach out if you need help selecting between our broad collection.

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