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What is a pod system?

You've probably heard of pod systems; they became extremely popular during 2019 and easily made up the greatest percentage of the vaping market. Pods have evolved since then and now come in a couple of different configurations.



Unlike a regular tank-and-coil device (where the user removes and replaces coils when they've reached the end of their life) a pod system has a "pod" with an integrated coil. This means when the coil reaches the end of its life the user will replace the whole pod, rather than just the coil. This is an easier and less messy affair in comparison. Many pods have puff activation, which means there is no button pressing required when inhaling. An airflow sensor detects when the user is inhaling and fires the coil to produce vapour.


Pod Mods

A pod mod is usually compact like a traditional pod but the user replaces the coil, rather than the whole pod. They also often feature variable wattage and airflow control, so the user gets the features of a large vape mod in a compact size. The tank doesn't look like a regular tank, instead, it's designed to follow the form factor of the whole body of the device.



Characteristics of pod systems

  • Generally small in size and therefore are great for carrying in a pocket or bag.
  • Generally (but not always) have a sealed internal battery (lithium-ion rechargeable).
  • Generally, low power, with mouth to lung or direct lung inhale styles.
  • Often have puff activation (no button pressing required when inhaling).
  • Sometimes with variable wattage and airflow control (pod mods).


Pre-filled or refillable?

Pods like Juul and Myle come pre-filled with e-liquid which seems convenient but it does limit the user. The range of flavours for these devices is relatively small so the user doesn't have much freedom of choice. Pod systems in Australia are refillable, which means the user can select from countless flavours to use with their pod. The e-liquid in pre-filled pods is also far more expensive per millimetre. A four-pack of pre-filled 1ml pods can be $40 or more, meaning that 60ml of that juice would cost $600! A 60ml bottle of premium e-liquid on our website is less than $25, it's a massive difference. 

Why does everyone want a pod?

The success of the pod system can be attributed to their similarity to smoking a cigarette, the ease of use, and to the increasingly easy access to high strength salt nicotine (high strength but with very little harshness). They're the kind of devices that you can typically have a few puffs on and be left satisfied, and they can go anywhere with you due to their small size. Pods are usually quite affordable, with prices ranging from about $30 to $80, you can find our range of pods here.

Are pods for you?

Are you interested in trying out a pod system? If you’re looking for something portable and discreet, then the answer is probably yes. You can view the available pod options on our website, or visit one of our five stores around Melbourne (Bundoora, Cheltenham, Dandenong, Nunawading, and Pakenham) and our friendly and knowledgeable staff will walk you through the options. For information on different devices, check this blog, and for more information about vaping in general, check out our Ultimate Guide to Vaping.