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  • August 03, 2021

    Whether you’re experimenting with a new device or just started vaping, finding yourvape is leaking, or it bubbles and spits e-liquid at you,is never a pleasant experience when looking for a moment of respite. Like a rite of passage, every vaper has faced this issue and felt e-liquid on their lips or coating the lining of their pants pockets. While messes can easily be cleaned and the odd sputtering isn’t anything to worry about, vapes don’t usually leak for no reason, nor should they be a recurring problem —fortunately, there is an answer to, “Why is my vape leaking?”

    Whether you’re finding your feet with your first starter kit or trying out a new device, we have the answer to the problem and question you’re facing — “Why is liquid leaking from my vape?” Read our troubleshooting guide below and be ready to rip clouds of vapour in no time.

    Reasons why your vape’s leaking 

    • You’re using the wrong coil

    Why is my brand-new vape leaking? Your coil is incompatible and unable to create a tight seal — even if you find it glides into the tank easily. Most coils are not interchangeable and are only designed to be able to connect with the tanks they are designed for, and usually only those from the same brand.

    • Your coil or pod is old

    Why do vapes leak? It could be that your coil or pod has seen better days. If you vape regularly, consider changing it every 1-2 weeks. If your vapour tastes burnt, it’s a clear sign to switch to a new coil.

    • The coil or tank hasn’t been correctly installed

    A big reason why you have a leaking vape is your coil or pod hasn’t been installed correctly. They’re designed to be inserted a particular way — often, the base features a winged edge on opposing sides to signal the direction it should fit. If you’re having trouble, confirm your coil matches your device, check your manual and try reinstalling.

    It can be easy to be overly protective and over-tighten your tank. Twisting it too much can warp the o-rings and create an ineffective seal, causing your vape to leak.

    • Using the wrong e-liquid or improperly filling the tank

    “Why is my vape leaking?” The wattage setting is too low — this can cause the juice to pool in the coil and leak because it isn’t being vaporised efficiently. Coils are designed to be used within certain wattage ranges and may not match the VG:PG ratio in your e-juice. If you’re using a high resistance coil — anything above 1 oHm — viscous vape juice with higher concentrations of propylene glycol is needed to provide a more restricted vaping experience. If you try using an e-liquid high in vegetable glycerin, it won’t wick properly, causing your vape to leak.

    If your vape is top filling, it’s essential you leave some space at the top to create an air bubble and a vacuum seal to contain your e-liquid within the chamber. This will help prevent leaking vapes where your vape juice seeps out of the airflow channels. Pay close attention to only transferring your e-liquid to the specified inlet. Dropping some into the chimney will cause it to heat up, fire back and spit at you through the drip tip.

    • Storing your vape

    Whether you’ve left your vape in the car under the sun or sitting in your pants and being warmed by your body temperature, heat can cause your e-juice to thin, pass through the wick and leak, leading you and the device to be covered with a lubricating liquid. When not using your vape, try storing it out of the direct sun or away from heat sources. This may mean you sit in the shade when taking a break or store your vape in a cool bag or pouch when not in use.

    • Why is my disposable vape leaking from the bottom?

    Nothing is worse than unpacking a new disposable and finding it seeping from the bottom, likely due to a manufacturing defect. As disposable vapes feature a sealed build, there is little to do to rectify it and you have to unfortunately eat the cost.

    Discover a hassle-free vaping experience at Wick and Wire Co.

    With our helpful guide, you’ll never have to ask, “Why is my vape leaking?” By fine-tuning your device and technique, you can ensure you enjoy a seamless, effortless and, most importantly, dry experience every time you need a puff. 

    If you want to make sure you have the best setup possible whenever you’re enjoying a casual puff or a long sesh, Wick and Wire Co. is the best destination to find a starter kit you can rely on. We stock the latest releases from leading brands, as well as replacement coils, so you can extract the full flavour profile from our local and international e-liquids. 

    Or, if you’re interested in trying something a little different, we also carry a range of Dry Herb Vapes that enable you to enjoy the herbaceous flavour and therapeutic compounds of your dry herbs.If you’re unsure where to start, visit us at any of our Melbourne vape shops or contact us online, and we’ll point you in the right direction so you can puff without getting spat on!

    While you’re here, stay on top of your vaping game and reviewour guide to getting the most out of your vape or polish up on the basics with the ultimate  beginner’s guide to vaping. Feeling a little stuck? Don’t worry, we all do — check out our glossary of vaping terms and get reacquainted with everything from atomisers to Z-

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