LG HG2L 18650 3000mah Rechargeable Battery

Now available at Wick and Wire Co. Melbourne's largest Vape Store

Need a battery for you new vape? LG has you covered with the HG2L its a 3000mah capacity 18650 sized battery and is suitable for most vape devices we sell. 

If you are new to using 18650/20700/21700 batteries please read our user guide here

*** This listing is for one battery only*** 

Now available in store from your local Melbourne Vape Shops located in Bundoora, Cheltenham, Dandenong, Nunawading and Pakenham or Order online for prompt delivery Australia Wide!


These are high capacity and high discharge current batteries. If mishandled / mistreated, they can cause you SERIOUS INJURY. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK !


Safety Notes:

  • Do NOT short.
  • Do NOT leave unattended when charging.
  • Do NOT allow the battery to make contact with liquid.
  • Do NOT use if the battery wrapping has any kind of tear or nick in it
  • Do NOT charge via an Apple or Phone "fast charger" as this will shorten the battery life and possibly kill the battery.
  • Do NOT leave unattended immediately AFTER charging.
  • Do NOT carry in your pocket or purse unless they are in a secure non-conductive carry case. 
  • They are not toys. Do not let your children or pets play with them.
  • Do NOT recharge with cheap chargers that keep on trickle charging after the normal cycle or that do not follow the Constant Current / Constant Voltage (CC/CV) algorithm properly.
  • By purchasing this product you agree that you are aware of battery safety and best practices. We take no responsibility for injury resulting in the use of these batteries.