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    Arizer Solo II Dry Herb Vaporizer

    Introducing the Arizer Solo II Dry Herb Vaporizer ‚Äď the perfect choice when it comes to vaping high-quality, pure, and smooth vapour. This advanced device features a ceramic, stainless steel, and glass air path for hassle-free maintenance and a convenient digital temperature interface for complete temperature control.

    Enjoy fast heat up times and long battery life with the Arizer Solo II Dry Herb Vaporizer. The device is engineered to reach optimal temperatures in under 30 seconds, making sure you can jump straight into the session without too much waiting time. Plus, its powerful and long-lasting batteries will provide hours of reliable use. Let your imagination run wild and have vivid vaping experiences without worries about refilling power sources.

    Ideal for both home use or on-the-go sessions, Arizer’s Solo II dry herb vaporizer guarantees flavorful yet clean tasting vapor thanks to its airpath and unique glass mouthpiece. Vape like never before with this intuitive yet powerful device and experience the amazing flavor at its best every single time!

    Now available in store from your local Melbourne Vape Shops or Order online for prompt delivery Australia Wide!



    The first Arizer Solo was a beloved vaporizer but was showing its age and in need of a facelift. The Solo 2 vaporizer is just what the doctor ordered keeping the core concept of the Solo intact while adding a faster heat-up, better battery life, and a digital display.


    The Arizer Solo 2’s vapor quality is all thanks to the glass aroma tubes, which help preserve flavor as well as cool down your vapor. The stems can also be pre-loaded with the help of an Arizer stem cap pack for more convenient vaping on the go.


    With the digital display, the Arizer Solo 2 now has full temperature control. The Arizer Solo ii temperature can be set anywhere between 50¬įC to 220¬įC. Within the menu, you will be able to dim or brighten the display, change the auto-shutoff countdown time, change the power on function, and toggle the audible operational beep. It‚Äôs the Arizer Solo 2, your way!


    The Arizer Solo 2 vaporizer now heats up to its max temperature in around 30 seconds. A huge improvement over the original Arizer Solo and impressively quick compared to other devices on the marketplace. With such a quick heat-up time you will have less time waiting and more time enjoying your Solo 2!

    Whats in the box?

    • 1 x¬†Arizer Solo II Dry Herb Vaporizer
    • 1 x Arizer Solo II Charger w/ Australian Plug
    • 1 x Arizer Air / Solo Glass Aroma Tube 90mm
    • 1 x Arizer Air / Solo Glass Aroma Tube¬†100mm
    • 1 x¬†Arizer Air / Solo PVC Travel Tube w/ Cap 90mm
    • 1 x¬†Arizer Air / Solo PVC Travel Tube w/ Cap 110mm
    • 1 x¬†Arizer Air / Solo PVC Travel Tube w/ Cap Aroma Dish Size
    • 1 x Arizer Solo II Carry Case w/ Belt Clip
    • 2 x¬†Arizer Air / Solo Stem Caps
    • 4 x¬†Arizer Air / Solo Filter Screens
    • 1 x Stainless Steel Stirring Tool
    • User Manual