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**Awesome Box - Seasonal Sampler** Next Box October

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We've always prided ourselves on bringing you new & exciting juices to the store each month, and now after a lot of people asking for a variety of juices, we bring you the AWESOME BOXquarterly seasonal sampler.

When this arrives at your door, you'll cheer. There will be a parade dancing in your head as you revel in the awesomeness within.

Consisting of at least 170ml of juice from local and international collections, this box is sure to please.

The boxes will include at least 1 x 60ml International Juice, 1 x 30ml International Juice and 2 (or 3) various size local juices, some of which are exclusives to the box and only available here. Choose from the drop down menu from the range of Fruits, Desserts, Menthols or let us do the work for you with our It's a Mystery top picks. 

October's Brands include Shijin Vapor, The Milkman, Gost Vapor, Yami Vapor, Humble Juice Co, Kilo, Antidote, Hardcore Vapers Australia & Wick & Wire Co. 


Dates for the 2017 Boxes


1st October - 17th October, orders for 4th box - Ships around 28th October

In addition to juice, some boxes will receive mystery gifts. These can include hardware, gift vouchers, accessories, extra juice...


Base Box, everyone will get this!

2 x 60ml (or larger) International Juice

1 x 50 or 60ml Local Juice

1 x 30ml Local Juice


Mini Box, chosen at random for at least 5 customers

2 x 60ml (or larger) International Juice

2 x 50 or 60ml Local Juice

1 x 30ml Local Juice


Epic Box, chosen at random for at least 1 customer

3 x 60ml (or larger) International Juice

2 x 50 or 60ml Local Juice

2 x 30ml Local Juice

+ Special Gift!


Each quarter the box will be available for pre-order for 2 weeks, after this time boxes will ship out approximately 1-2 week after orders close. These boxes can also be ordered in-store, please ask when you next visit for more details.

This box MUST be purchased separately from other online orders and does not count towards free shipping quotas. The cost of shipping is included with this box and it is sent separately to other orders. All sales are final on these boxes and once ordered we cannot cancel.