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    Flowerpot F22 Essentials Bundle

    Introducing the Flowerpot F22 head ‚Äď born during a period of refining ball vapes. This cutting-edge flowerpot head delivers a formidable impact, elevating its heat sink capabilities with the introduction of a precision-machined solid titanium cap and a meticulously crafted screen at the base. These enhancements collectively amplify heat conduction and retention throughout the device.

    Simplified assembly and disassembly have been ingeniously integrated into the design, making it effortless to switch between heads or dismantle for cleaning purposes.

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    The F22 barrel offers two distinct designs. The "standard" style "female" head, is compatible with the exterior of the shovelhead bowl and various other conventional bowl options. Its exposed 20mm coil configuration strikes a balance between cost-effectiveness and complete functionality.

    While the titanium drop in the screen is tumbled to remove burrs, the tumbling may also cause some colour change. 

    The Flowerpot F22 Essentials Bundle Includes;

    - Flowerpot F22 Head Assembly (7052)

    - 3mm Rubies (9422-3MM)

    - Insulated Heat Post (3196)

    - 3" Threaded Base (3438)

    - Shovelhead Bowl with 18.8mm Post (7012-3098)

    - CH PID Controller (9089)

    - 20mm Coil XLR Connection 220V

    We also stock a wide range of Flowerpot Vaporizer Parts and accessories which are available here.

    Now available in-store from your local Melbourne Vape Shops or Order online for prompt delivery Australia Wide!!

    Please note:

    • This vaporizer is designed for enthusiasts seeking a powerful experience. It is recommended for macro dosing. To use this device, you will require a waterpipe with either a 14mm or 18mm stem. We suggest using a stemless dab-style waterpipe with a vertical chamfer and a percolator for optimal performance.
    • Please handle the assembly with care, as the handle assembly can be delicate. Take extra caution during assembly to avoid any mishaps.
    • Before setting up the vaporizer, ensure that your desk has enough space to accommodate the PID, waterpipe, stand, heater, and cable management. Approximately enough space for a medium-sized laptop should suffice.
    • While the device is powered on, it is essential to use the stand in conjunction with the coaster. Failing to do so may cause damage to the surface on which the heater is resting.
    • Never leave this device unattended while in use, as it exposes a heater coil and improper use or negligence can lead to damage or harm.
    • The ruby pearls should have enough room to rattle slightly, but be mindful that they should not have enough room to slap the ends when shaking the device.
    • For all¬†Flowerpot products with heater coils, it is advisable to heat the coils to release any potential manufacturing residue. Additionally, ensure to wipe or wash the bowls before using them.
    • Please understand that the glass components are hand-made, and as a result, there may be some minor inconsistencies in the aesthetics. However, rest assured that they will function as intended unless broken.
    You can access useful Flowerpot manuals and information from the resources below.