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  • Vapvana Screwball Starter Kit

    The Screwball by VapVana has been meticulously designed to be what is currently the heaviest hitting diffuser style dry herb vaporizers on the market. It can be run as either a convection heavy or as true hyrbid setup, making use of convection (hot air) and conduction (hot surface) if the bowl is left to heat soak for around 15 seconds! 

    The Screwball has the fastest extractions and runs at the lowest and most accurate temperatures, so when you set the numbers on the PID they're almost identical to the actual vaping temperatures making it very easy to use and fine tune. The Flavour is the best we've come across from a full titanium setup and the temperature accuracy means it even rivals the all glass/quartz setups which are currently available. Initial heat time is around 3 minutes and there is no need to allow it to recharge between inhales due to the extended housing and coil design. 

    As mentioned the Screwball can be used as more of a convection vape if you place the housing on the bowl and inhale straight away, or you can turn the temps down, heat soak the bowl and use it as a hybrid! Due to the thickness, or thinness, of the Titanium bowl it provides the fastest heat soak of any hybrid diffuser vape currently on the market. 

    The Screwball comes as a full kit with everything you need to get started and is fully set up from the factory making basically plug and play all you need is a waterpipe withj an 18mm Female Connection or use a 14mm to 18mm Adaptor! No need to mess around loading in rubies, installing a handle or anything else. Just plug the coil into the PID controller, the PID controller into the power outlet, set the temperature and wait for it to heat! 

    The Thermal Twist Bowl fits and makes a great passthrough or 14 to 18mm Adaptor and can be found here

    Now available online for delivery Australia wide or by visting one of our Melbourne Vape Shops located across melbourne!

    Product Features:

    • Recommended Temperature Range from 450f-525f
    • Bowl holds ~.3 - .4g (full size) or .1 - .2g (half size) of ground herbs
    • Bowl uses a shortened 18mm Male Joint
    • Bowl uses 20mm screens for easy replacement
    • Comes pre-installed with rubies, housing, coil, and handle attached.

    Screwball Starter Kit Includes:

    • 1 x Titanium Housing + Lid with ~750 2.5mm Gem Cut Rubies

    • 1 x Titanium Bowl with Handle

    • 1 x Custom 25mm Coil with Handle

    • Compatible with Auber / Cannabis Hardware / Disorderly Conduction & Crossing PIDs

    • 1 x PID Controller 220V for Australia

    • 1 x PID Power Cable (Australian Power Plug)

    • 1 x Heater Stand

    • 1 x SQP (SS Scoop + Tamp)

    • 1 x Wooden Brush

    • 1 x Mesh Screens for Bowl

    PID Instructions:

    • Hold the central button for 5 seconds to turn on or off
    • Use the +/- buttons to adjust the temperature
    • When switched on, press the central button five times to access auto-off timer
    • Adjust with +/- from 0-5. 0 switches the timer off or select 1-5 hours
    • Celcius/Fahrenheit - Hold down + button for 5 seconds while the controller is switched off. Then press the + button again to change between C and F. Press the central button to exit.¬†

    Tips and Tricks and Cleaning:

    • Perform a burn off cycle by setting your device to 500f/260c and leaving it for 10 minutes before first use.
    • This kit makes use of a thin Titanium bowl which heat soaks very quickly. As materials heat they expand, especially so if you are heat soaking the bowl for longer periods or at higher temperatures. After a short heat soak, like all titanium bowls, the joint may become stuck in your glassware briefly until it has cooled. Do not force it out or you risk damaging your glassware.
    • When residue starts to build up inside the bowl this can be very easily wiped off with a q-tip, do this while the bowl is still warm after use and you can avoid the need to soak it in ISO or use any cleaning solvents.
    • Using the included brush you can easily keep the screen free of residues for a long time. When it starts to clog up simply pop it out and replace it, or if you have a blowtorch lighter you can hold the screen with tweezers, torch it until the residues have turned white, then when it's cooled brush it off and pop it back into your bowl!¬†