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  • The Best Vape Flavours Of 2022

    In a world where everyone’s tastes are different, it’s always difficult to pinpoint the best vape flavours on the market, which is why we have broken this year’s list down by taste profile. From the sweet tooth to the sour grapes, there is a vape juice flavour out there to suit everyone. Here are the best vape flavours of 2022, according to us.

    The sweet tooth

    With a name like Jam Monster, it’s no surprise that this manufacturer takes the 2022 award for the best sweet tasting vape juice in the game. There are a number of options in their collection that sweet vapers will love including Strawberry Custard and Raspberry. Honourable mentions go out to the juices created by Clouded Visions and Sweetup that are decidedly delicious too, but we just can’t go past a best seller like Jam Monster in this particular category.

    Tried and true tobacco flavour

    Some of the most popular e juice in the Wick and Wire Co store is tobacco flavoured. We all know that it's hard to shake the habit, so stepping away from the nasty smells and tastes of cigarettes and into the wide world of choices that vape juices have to offer is a great step in the right direction. Something as simple as Vanilla Tobacco by Dinner Lady could fill the gap or for those who want to spice it up a little and the deliciousness of Bahia Personal Reserve is just out of this world. There are plenty of unique vapes available that use tobacco flavour as a base, and these are only a couple of examples of the best vape flavours Australia has to offer in this category.

    Fruity deliciousness

    One of the best things about vape juice is that it comes in so many different forms. The most popular vape juices in the fruit category for 2022 are practically an entire tropical fruit basket for you to enjoy. Almost every beginners guide to ejuices includes a few fruity choices to start on, and our top choices for flavours in 2022 are no different. With a name like Tiki Punch Sugarloaf Pineapple Strawberry, this is a flavour that you would always want to try. The light and fresh aroma gives off those much needed tropical vibes, even in the depths of winter. A close second in the best vape flavours for this year comes from a local supplier, Blood Orange Passionfruit Guava by Redback Juice Co. This is an absolute must-try for those strong and bold fruity flavours that will rock your world.

    Minty freshness

    Minty fresh breath is what makes vaping such a popular thing to do and the advancement in menthol flavours has come a long way in recent years. Menthol by Shisha Clouds is a great standard choice for a quality vape juice, but it’s the fancy takes on the minty flavours where things get really interesting. If you’re looking for something truly impressive in a menthol flavour, the best vape juice we recommend for 2022 is Frozen Hulk Tears by Mighty Vapors.

    Wick and Wire Co proudly stocks some of the best vape flavours in Australia and our team keeps their ear to the ground to be the first to discover anything new that is coming to the market. The best vape flavours of 2022 come in a selection of tastes that will satisfy even the most seasoned vaper.

    Together with our hardware and spare parts from a range of industry-leading vape manufacturers including Geek Vape and UWell, the Wick and Wire Co team is Australia’s best vape store for expert information and recommendations. Check out our blog page for the most up to date information on the wide world of vaping and expand your options today.