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  • Top 5 Best Vapes In Australia

    When it comes to the quality of vapes available, manufacturers have really begun to shake things up with the development of vape technologies in recent years. Here are some of the best vapes Australia has to offer based on price, efficiency and durability right now.

    Best vapes for beginners

    When it comes to the leading names of vaporizers, you can’t go past the magical clouds that form around Vaporesso. The range of Vaporesso starter kits available is broad, meaning that there is the perfect type of vape for almost everyone in the range. Vaporesso offers one of the best pod vape options for beginners with their XROS 2 and the XROS Mini, with their Luxe 80 Pod Mod offering an affordable starting point for vaping newbies to experiment with.

    Best compact vape

    Not everyone wants their vape to be big and noticeable, which is why the market is flooded with a range of smaller, more discreet options. The best vape pen on the market right now is the Innokin Pen Vape, thanks to its classic style, colour choices and long-lasting battery life. For those who aren’t into vape pens, mini pods are a great alternative for smaller hardware that still provides a great vaping experience. The Lost Vape Mini Pod Kit is a stylish option with a 30w max output that does the job perfectly.

    Most affordable vapes

    Some of the best vapes for sale still come with an affordable price tag which is fantastic news for those on a budget. There is no shortage of great vapes that you can choose from for under $100. In fact, some of them are our best-sellers, like the Freemax Onnix 2 or the UWell Caliburn AK2 Pod System. These are great choices for pod kits that provide you with everything you need under the $50 price tag, which leaves you plenty of room to spend on a variety of great vape juice flavours to enjoy.

    Best vape brands for spare parts availability

    Buying your vape is one thing, but getting the most out of it is an entirely different ball game. If you are looking for a vape that provides you with easily replaceable parts that will keep it going for the longest possible time, then there are a few brands that you should be considering. UWell is a great brand for having spare parts that you can easily install yourself. Their vapes are made to be user-friendly so something like replacing your coils is a fairly simple process. GeekVape is another brand that is known for being easy to use and maintain yourself, their spare parts are widely available and affordable too.

    Best vapes for the pros

    If you’re a seasoned vaper, then the hardware you’re going to need might be a little more advanced. Hellvape has been around since 2016 and is a well-known brand amongst expert vapers. Known as one of the best manufacturers in the business, you can be sure that they’ve got the best vape for your preferences if you’re an advanced level vaper. The Fat Rabbit Solo RTA or the Dead Rabbit 3 RDA are both great choices in vaporizers that have bigger tanks and smooth tastes.

    Whilst there are not an endless amount of Australian vaporizers to choose from on the market, these are the best vapes from manufacturers around the world, renowned for quality and for offering superior vaping experience. At Wick and Wire Co, we pride ourselves on bringing you the latest information on the best in the business in the world of vaping, on everything from hardware to complete eLiquid guides. Follow our blog for more information on how to create the best possible vaping experience for yourself.