Nicotine Calculator

Use this simple calculator to mix nicotine into your favourite eliquids.

A Doubler is a half bottle of liquid, that you need to top up with PG / VG as well as your nicotine solution. This also allows you to customize your PG / VG ratio.

Ready to Vape is a full bottle of liquid, that is already diluted with PG / VG and just needs your nicotine solution added. Depending on the amount of nicotine you need to add to this, you might need to empty some of the liquid out of the bottle before adding your nicotine.

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Nicotine Base


Desired Liquid

Add To Doubler

Nicotine Base

Ready To Vape

Desired Liquid

Add To Ready To Vape

Note: Flavour has been diluted to 94.00% of it's original strength. Total Liquid is 31.91mls