Melbourne Vape Shops Near Me

Melbourne's Largest Premier Vape supply shops have arrived. We have awesome retail stores - ready for your vaping pleasure. Why not come and check out Wick & Wire Co's brick and mortar vape stores in Bundoora, Cheltenham, Dandenong, Nunawading and Pakenham in Victoria.

Now most vapers in Victoria will have our vape stores either online or have a location within easy reach. All of our vape shops will carry all of our vape juice collections as well as the latest in a variety of state of the art starter kits, atomisers, tanks, atomisers, vaporisers and other accessories.

If you see an item on our website, you can be sure that it will be in stock at any of our brick and mortar locations around Melbourne and North Melbourne.

Thank You to Our Loyal Customers

We owe the success of Wick and Wire to our Melbourne community of vapers as well as the vapers ordering from our online store. And we’d love to meet anyone who wants to drop into any of our locations and chat about the newest developments in the vaping world or just to say hi and browse around our vape stores.

We have been successful because of the loyalty of our vaping community and we’re always happy to meet as many of them as we can. We’ll keep you updated on any new vape stores opening up in your area and, of course, you can always find us online.

Our online business was really the key to our success and we will keep updating our website to feature the best products in the vaping world and sharing with you all the latest developments as well.

With the Growth in Popularity Comes Restrictions

The growing popularity of vaping means that, as a responsible vaping equipment supplier, we have to follow the letter of the laws of the state of Victoria and Australia. It also means that we have to be flexible and adapt to the currently updated regulations and laws governing the vaping industry.  

Any further assistance please email or call us on 03 9993 7100 during store hours.