Nicotine: Where and How?

Currently the sale and supply of Nicotine in Australia is illegal and carries a fine of up to $140,000 for breaches of the law. We do not sell, gift or supply Nicotine - please do not ask us to as refusal often offends.

So, you want to learn more about Nicotine. Here are some pointers for you to minimise your chance of harm and some tips to get you started.
Currently in Victoria you can legally import up to 3 months supply of unflavoured nicotine liquid. 
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What is Nicotine?
Nicotine is a poison and can harm and even kill people if not used in the correct way. 
What are Propylene Glycol (PG) and Vegetable Glycerine (VG)?
VG is used to thicken the ejuice and creates the vapor component of your liquid.
PG thins your juice (most concentrates are PG based) and is used for the throat hit.

Most of the ejuices that we sell are 50/50 ratio however you can adjust this to preference when mixing a doubler.
How do I use Nicotine safely? content by wick and wire co vape shop melbourne
When measuring out Nicotine always use rubber gloves, disposable syringes with a blunt needle tip and in an area where if it spills or drips it can be cleaned up easily.
Where should I store my nicotine?
Always keep it stored in a cool, dark place in a zip lock bag (the freezer is ideal) with a childproof cap on it and remember to keep it out of reach of children.  It's great to keep a label on it saying something like NICOTINE - POISONOUS IF SWALLOWED, INGESTED OR SPILLED. 
If you keep your nicotine in the freezer it will not freeze.
How much do I need to use?
Depending on the strength of Nicotine you purchase, and your target MG (like 3mg, 6mg etc) you will use a different amount to the next person. To work out how much you need to add to your liquid go to: content by 

and enter in your target MG for the size of the bottle you are adding it into. Never eyeball or guess this, as you could poison yourself.

Where can I buy Nicotine from?
The sale, supply, gifting and distribution of of Nicotine in Australia is illegal. Currently, you can import Nicotine from New Zealand and the USA for personal use.

We recommend purchasing your Nicotine from reliable & trusted sources such as: 2-7 business day shipping time 2-7 business day shipping time

Nicotine currently comes in 100% Vegetable Glycerine (VG), 100% Propylene Glycol (PG) and 50/50% ratio. Depending on which you prefer to use is personal preference.

What is Steep Time?
Steep time relates to the amount of time your eliquid needs to sit to reach it's optimum flavour. Just like a good wine, some liquids with cream or custard bases need time post mixing to steep and mature.
What is a Doubler and how do I mix it? this content has been lifted from
A doubler is a half filled bottle of concentrate flavouring, usually at at 50% vg & 50% pg. A doubler has twice the amount of concentrate that a ready to vape has. 
In rough terms an example of how to mix a doubler is as follows:
For a 30ml doubler
7.5mls PG & concentrate
7.5mls VG
15mls empty bottle
within that 15mls of emptiness you would add your nicotine, then top it up with PG & VG to make it 30ml total as a rough example (these are not correct figures for the nicotine, you would need to use the calculator above to work out what you need for your MG)
30ml doubler with PG based nicotine
7.5mls PG & concentrate
7.5mls VG
1ml PG based nicotine
6.5mls unflavoured PG
7.5mls unflavoured VG content has been lifted from
You will need to use a calculator like doubler calculator to work out what percentage of nicotine you should be using based on what strength you currently have and what MG you want your juice to be. Go to to work out the correct ratio for your juice.
A 50/50 ratio is great because the liquid is thick enough not to leak out of a tank but still gives you optimum flavour. It's always advised not to go higher than 75/25 either way because some tanks will not be able to handle this mix.
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If you need any help or have questions please contact the supplier of your nicotine as they are best to advise you on their products. Wick & Wire Co. accepts no liability as a result of harm or misuse of Nicotine liquid.


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