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    Tired of smelling like cigarettes, tasting nothing but cigarettes when you’re trying to eat a nice steak, and hacking up gunk that's colored in a way that probably shouldn't be coming out of a human being? If you are, then switching to e-cigarettes aka vaping will be the one of the best decisions you ever make in your life. text stolen from

    For new vapers, the challenge of figuring out where to start can be daunting but vaping doesn’t have to be rocket science. Here we will answer some common questions that beginners have.


    So how does an e-cigarette or vape work?

    1. E-Juice or E-Liquid is put into a tank, cartridge, a Rebuilable device such as an RDA or into an atomizer.
    1. A button is pressed which activates a battery attached to the tank.
    1. The battery sends electricity to a metal coil wrapped around a wicking device that has sucked in the juice (usually made of silica, cotton, or wire mesh). This device made up of the coil and wick are also called the “atomizer”.
    1. The metal coil heats up, much like the coil on a stove, and cooks the e-liquid, turning the liquid into steam.


    Why do people vape?

    Some people vape because it’s sexy but most people vape to help them curb their smoking habit with the hopes of completely quitting. You can pretty much consider “vaping” and “smoking” as opposites ends of the same coin. Vaping is a nice alternative to smoking cigarettes and here’s why: Cigarettes contain approximately 600 different ingredients. Burning these ingredients releases about 4000 different chemicals with 50 known to cause cancer and many are poisonous at best.

    Some of these nasty chemicals include arsenic (found in rat poison), lead (used in batteries, carbon monoxide and much more. Nasty right?


    How can I get started with vaping?

    First, you’ll need to get an e-cigarette or personal vaporizer. They come in many different shapes and sizes each with it’s own capabilities and features.

    We recommend that beginners start with a starter kit. These kits contain everything you need including a battery, charger, atomizer or clearomizer, mouthpiece (Drip Tip). At Wick & Wire Co our starter kits can range from $29.95 upwards. The most popular type of starter kits is the eGo style starter kits we offer from leading brands such as Kanger, Aspire, Joytech, Smok, Vaporesso,Geek Vape, Eleaf and Innokin.

    Secondly, you’ll need e-liquid. We offer a wide range of flavours to suit your taste preferences. Our range is ever expanding and can also be purchased separately in various sizes.

    And there you have it! Simple enough to understand right? Vaping is much more than a healthier alternative to smoking cigarettes. It’s a lifestyle and the act of vaping can even be an art form once you become an enthusiast.


    Still confused?

    At Wick And Wire Co we want to make everyone’s switch to vaping as smooth as possible. In our on going series of blog posts and informative guides and videos, that will show you exactly where to start, what to look for, and provide you with a step-by-step guide on everything from e-liquids to hardware and everything else in between.

    If you need one on one assistance please do not hesitate to use our contact us form or visit one of our six melbourne vape store locations in Cheltenham, Dandenong, Frankston, Nunawading or Pakenham!