Alpha Centauri by Outerworld


Alpha Centauri by Outerworld

Outerworld has now landed at Wick & Wire Co. Alpha Centauri is the closest star to our solar system, just four short light-years away. Scientists believe an Earth-like exoplanet orbits within the Alpha Centauri star system, and we at Outerworld can confirm that the planet does indeed exist, and is populated by small furry creatures who absolutely love watermelon. Now available to try instore at our Melbourne Vape Shop or order online for prompt delivery!


Primary Flavours: Crisp Watermelon, Fresh summer berries, a hint of menthol

Bottle Sizes:  15ml Doubler, 30ml Doubler, 60ml Doubler

Bottle Type:  Glass with Childproof Dropper Cap (15ml), Plastic Dropper Bottle (30ml, 60ml)



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