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    Angus Halogen Portable Vaporizer V1

    The Angus Halogen Portable Vaporizer V1 is the pinnacle of vaping technology. Crafted out of highly-resistant stainless steel, regal walnut wood, and glass components, this vaporizer is built to last. Some even go as far as calling it a Mighty alternative. Its design aesthetic not only exudes an air of sophistication and class, but it's equally as durable as it is stylish. Additionally, the plastic used in its internal parts such as the intuitive vapor path adds no negative taste or flavor with each draw.

    At the core of this vaporizer lies a revolutionary heat system capable of producing clean and powerful draws with its halogen bulb encased within special glass beads. This combination creates perfect insulation for dependable efficiency and performance throughout multiple sessions with every charge.


    • Halogen Bulb Heat Source¬†(Yllvape says the life span of the bulb is such that you would never need to replace it under normal use)
    • Glass Beads: The Angus is one of the first portable vaporizers to use glass beads. If you know or heard of how powerful ball vapes are, this should give a clue to the sort of performance Angus has. It doesn't have the same sort of desktop ball vape power but it certainly does hit some impressive highs.
    • 2 x Replaceable 18650 Batteries:¬† We have bundled our Angus Vapourizer with High Amp batteries so you can start vaping as soon as it arrives at your door. In time as the batteries fade they can be easily replaced or switched out if you're using an external battery charger.
    • Runtime: Depending on your usage/temp setting and the batteries you use, you should expect in the ballpark of 9-10 sessions before the two 18650 batteries are depleted and need a recharge.¬†
    • 2 x Stainless Steel Dosing Capsules: The Angus dosing capsules would have to be one of the best quality dosing capsules currently on the market. These dosing capsules are made for a lifetime of use and feature a threaded lid so there is no chance of the lid popping off.¬†
    • USB-C Charge Port: The USB-C charge cable that comes with the Angus will need to be plugged into an existing charger. The included cable has USB-C on one end for your Angus and a standard USB on the other end which would plug into your charger. YLLVape recommends no more than a 2AMP charge.
    • Quality Materials: Walnut body, Stainless Steel fittings including chamber, top plate, and laser cut screens. And the cleanest material when it comes to vapes is glass.¬†
    • Five Temperature Settings:¬†180C/356F, 190C/375F, 200C/395F. 210C/410F, 220C/428F. Also offers boost mode in each setting.¬† Simply hold the button.¬† The unit will vibrate once when it boosts 10 degrees
    • Please note this is the Version 1 of the Angus Vaporizer

    Want to trick out your Angus Vaporizer? Check out our range of spares and accessories here 

    Now available in-store from your local Melbourne Vape Shops or Order online for prompt delivery Australia Wide!


    • 1 x Angus Vaporizer
    • 2 x High Amp Discharge 18650 Batteries
    • 1 x User Manual
    • 1 x Carry bag
    • 2 x Dosing Capsules
    • 1 x Cleaning Brush
    • 3 x Filter Screens
    • 1 x USB Charging Cable
    • 2 x¬†Extra Silicone O Rings
    • 1 x Glass MP Tube