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  • Camouflet Convector Quad Bore Ceramic Tube

    The Quad Bore Ceramic Cooling Tube provides the same clean ceramic air path as the Single Bore with added cooling, dispersing the heat into four separate channels with increased surface area. Draw resistance is slightly increased, providing a traditional and familiar consumption experience. Compatible with 8mm stems and accessories.

    How to use:

    The cooling tube is placed inside the stem of the Convector. It is held in place by two sealing rings. Stretch the rings over the tube, then work the tube into the Stem from the mouthpiece end.

    Single Bore tubes provide more airflow. Quad Bore tubes provide more cooling.

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    Now available in-store from your local Melbourne Vape Shops or Order online for prompt delivery Australia Wide! 

    Suitable for:

    - Camouflet Convector Vaporizer

    What's in the box?

    • 1 x Camouflet Convector¬†Quad Bore Ceramic Tube
    • 2 x Camouflet Ceramic Tube Orings