Capella Flavor Drops Concentrate - Cup a Joe


Capella Flavor Drops Concentrate - Cup a Joe

A rich, full bodied coffee flavour.

Naturally and Artificially Flavored. Non Flavor Ingredients: Propylene Glycol (used as a carrier to dissolve flavor ingredients)


Available in 10ml & 30ml sizes. Now available both from our Cheltenham vape store and online. 

- All concentrates are bottled by us in our custom-built lab in Melbourne.

- 30ml concentrates might be sent as 3 x 10ml, depending on stock availability.


A bit of information on flavour concentrates:

- These are not an e-juice, they are an ingredient to be used with PG & VG to make your own liquids. If you need bulk PG & VG please visit here.

- Recommended percentage for Capella concentrates is 3 - 20%, it is best to do research on the individual flavours if you are unsure as to how much to use.

- Capella DIY e-juice concentrates are "food-safe", made in the U.S, and conform to current Food Industry standards.

- Some Capella concentrates can contain traces of Diacetyl, Acetoin and Acetyl Propionyl. If you are concerned about these additives, please purchase the V2 version of the concentrate, which is free from these.

- If you are unsure where to start your DIY adventures, check out our blog post on mixing eliquid and also check out one of the best ejuice websites around 

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