Joyetech Cubis BF RBA Coil Kit

Now available at Wick and Wire Co. Melbourne's largest vape shop. The Joyetech Cubis BF RBA Coil Kit is the perfect solution for users looking to customize their experience with the Joyetech Cubis Sub-Ohm Tank (sold separately), and features the ability to be built in either vertical or horizontal orientations and includes the vent pipe as well as comprehensive instructions for assembly. Please note, the Joyetech Cubis BF RBA Coil Kit is intended for advanced users and requires thorough following of the included instructions.

Product Recommendations:

  • Vertical Rebuilding
    • 25 to 70W
  • Horizontal Rebuilding
    • 25 to 50W

Product Includes:
  • One Cubis BF RBA Head
    • Preinstalled and Wicked 0.5 ohm Vertical Coil
  • Extended Vent Pipe
  • Two Vent Pipe Silicon Rings
  • One 0.5 ohm Prebuilt Horizontal Coil
  • Organic Cotton Pad
  • Spare Screw
  • Screwdriver
  • Manual

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