Kulka Kool by Vagabond Vapour


Kulka Kool by Vagabond Vapour

Vagabond Vapour Kulka Kool has now landed at Wick & Wire Co. Available only in 0mg Nicotine.

A short layover in Singapore before another 12 hour flight, the sun has long been set but the humidity still lingers. You've got just enough time to take a short breather at the Sanctuary Lounge with a mojito in one hand and Kulka Kool in the other.

Now available to try at Wick & Wire Co. Melbourne's largest Vape Stores located in Cheltenham and Nunwading, or order online for prompt delivery! 

Primary Flavors: Tobacco, Mint

PG/VG Ratio:  50 VG / 50 PG

Bottle Sizes:  15ml Doubler on 30ml Bottle, 30ml Ready to Vape

Bottle Type:  Plastic Bottle


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