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    Mary Female Flower Diffuser

    The Mary Female Flower Diffuser is used with any of the ZenLeaf series enail stations. it is made from Lead Free Grade 2 Titanium. The removable lid will expose the 3mm or 4mm Rubies which are the heart of the heater. You can further explore different media and diameter balls for a more tailored experience.

    Please note. The handle has been designed to be safely handled up to 600F. It is suggested that the handle be lifted from the far end of the heated head. Do not leave the flower diffuser heating unattended for more than 30 minutes @600F. Latest version with heat sink tested at 600F for 8 hours.

    The Diffuser is designed to work with Cannabis Hardware Shovelhead Bowl and standard glass bowls.

    There are no wearable parts here so you can expect to use the product indefinitely.

    There is only Hot air passing through the diffuser so there will never be a need to clean the diffuser.

    The thread that attaches the handle is 10-24.

    Choose between the 4mm for increased air flow, or 3mm for a tad longer heat retention, and flow resistance. 

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    Now available in-store from your local Melbourne Vape Shops or Order online for prompt delivery Australia Wide!