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  • Nevoks SPL10 Replacement Coils

    Supports Insta-Fire, Denser Flavour Chasing. 
    Provides you a sensational taste and vapor cloud experience to maximise the atomizing effect of the coil, while taking the taste to extra. 

    Compatible with: 

    30 - 40w 0.3ohm - Feelin X
    25 - 35w 0.4ohm - Feelin, Pagee, Feelin X
    18 - 25w 0.6ohm - Feelin, Pagee, Feelin X
    13 - 18w 0.8ohm - Feelin, Pagee, Feelin Mini, Feelin X
    10 - 13w 1.0ohm - Feelin, Pagee, Feelin Mini, Feelin X

    The SPL coil designed to perfect leakproof tendency and eliminate the dry hits through the special manufacturing process with high temperature sintering. High quality cotton and uniform heating wire provide extremely long life-span