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    Old Head Terp Ready System

    Step into the future...

    Introducing the innovative Terp-Ready system, featuring the cutting-edge Dab-Ready heater, the Terp Hammer, and a 14mm glass extraction chamber. This comprehensive system delivers a premium thermal extraction experience for both concentrates and dry herbs, seamlessly integrating with your favorite glass extraction rigs, all while eliminating the need for torches, butane, or cumbersome cords tethering your rig to a heater/controller.

    With the Dab-Ready by Old Head, you can now maintain your preferred extraction temperature for your beloved 25mm banger, ensuring that you're "Dab-Ready" at a moment's notice. This electric heater is meticulously designed to keep your 25mm quartz labware at the ideal extraction temperature, accommodating most 25mm quartz labware with a bucket (please note that it should have a consistent 25mm diameter from top to bottom, as it won't work with flared or faceted bottom 25mm labware).

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    Bid farewell to the hassle of torching, the expense of purchasing butane, and the disruptive noise of traditional heat-ups. With the Dab-Ready, your quartz labware remains quietly heated and ready for immediate use, eliminating the need for lengthy cool-down periods.

    Upon powering up the device with your quartz labware inside, it takes just 3 minutes for the labware to reach the desired temperature. Once activated, the unit efficiently heats your labware in approximately 90 seconds. To maximize convenience, we recommend switching on the device at the beginning of your session with your labware already in place, ensuring that it's hot and ready whenever you wish to use it. After each use, a quick clean and a return to the heater will have your labware hot and ready by your next session.

    When it's time to extract dry herbs, simply set your banger aside (ensure it's on a heat-resistant surface if it's still hot), and place the Terp Hammer into the Dab-Ready heater. In just a matter of minutes, you'll be ready to extract your dry plant material without being tethered to the heater by a cable, offering a unique extraction experience unlike any other. The "recharge" time for the Terp Hammer depends on how long it has been off the heater, typically ranging from 30 to 90 seconds, as long as it hasn't been left off the heater for an extended period.

    - High-Power Heater! Use with caution!
    - Metal components get extremely hot! Do NOT touch once powered on!
    - Do not leave unattended while powered on!
    - Do not use/set above 680F!

    Please note: This product operates at the Standard Australian Power Plug Voltage (220 – 240 volts (V))

    What's in the box?

    • Dab-Ready heater & power cord
    • Terp Hammer
    • 14mm Glass Extraction Chamber
    • Instruction Manual
    • Pack of Replacement Extraction Chamber Screens

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