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    A brand new addition to the Twist line-up, Recvapes and Crossing have designed the Ruby Twist to provide an even higher performance version of the Thermal Twist! In the Ruby Twist they have replaced the metal core of the housing with a reservoir filled with gemstone cut rubies but have retained a Twist airflow widget underneath the rubies to provide the spinning airflow which provides the super even heat distribution to the contents of your bowl and super fast vapor production, setting it apart from other injector vape. The Ruby Twist has been designed to rival any of the 20mm coil driven injector vapes and in most cases surpasses them in performance and flavour. 

    Due to having a gemstone cut ruby filled reservoir along with the Twist airflow widget, the Rubies Twist provides almost instant vapor production and better flavour than the original Thermal Twist, which itself is no slouch in these departments! The Gemstone reservoir also allows lower temperatures to be set on the PID controller, instead of running between 300-390C the Ruby Twist runs between 270-330C, with our preferred temperatures when using the standard bowl being around 305C. 

    The Ruby Twist was designed by us in collaboration with Crossing Tech to bring a highly effective and competitively priced injector vape to the market (we are also making a diffuser bowl as there's plenty of heat for conduction!).

    Being a more premium option the Ruby Twist is only available with a Grade 2 Titanium housing and spinner. The vortex airflow provided by the Twist widget removes the need to stir your bowl when used with around 0.1.5-0.2g loads as the hot air does the work for you, removing one additional step while vaping! Just load in a SQP of herb, place the housing on the bowl, inhale, then watch it spin up and settle into place! There's no need to tamp your bowl as the airflow will do this for you too! Due to the spinning airflow the Ruby Twist also makes an excellent micro-doser, happily vaporizing down to around 0.05g (we haven't tested with less... it would still vape less). If you're interested in a more dedicated setup, we also have a Microdose Diffuser Bowl available. 

    Designed with a simplified user experience in mind, the Ruby Twist comes fully set up with a handle installed on the heater coil and the housing fully set up, making for a plug and play experience without the possibility of mis-installing the handle during setup! Plug the heater into the front of the PID, the power adapter/plug into the back, turn it on, set your temp and it's ready to go (initial burn off cycle advisable, details below)! The Stand has been designed to provide minimal contact with the housing, meaning the heat stays where it should be, inside the housing and not being transferred into your stand, or worse, into the surface below! 

    Capable of providing anything between low temp terpy hits, to thick clouds. The Ruby Twist has fairly fast vapor production and exceptionally smooth vapor! 

    This kit comes with everything needed to get started, aside from a glass Rig or Bubbler our range can be found here. 

    Please check out this video if you're interested in an in depth review.

    Suggested set temperature range on the PID: 270c-330c (518f-626f) but as with everything... use it as you like it! Though we wouldn't advise going much hotter as you might combust! We have customers who run this as low as 250C set on the PID controller. 

    Now available online for delivery Australia wide or by visting one of our Melbourne Vape Shops located across Melbourne!


    • Ruby Twist Injector with Gemstone Cut Rubies Inside (GR2 Titanium Housing)¬†
    • Crossing Technology Micro PID (1c/1f) (CE/ROHS Certified) - AU¬†VERSION COMES SET TO CELCIUS!!¬†
    • 20mm Heater Coil with Silicone Handle Pre-installed (220v)
    • Pre-installed Heat Guard for the Rubies Twist Housing¬†
    • Thermal Twist Glass Bowl with a Side-Carb (approx. 0.4g max capacity) - 14.4mm Male Joint Bowl¬†
    • 14.4mm to 18.8mm Male Adapter¬†
    • Keck Clip¬†
    • Steel Stand
    • SQP - Scoop and Tamper¬†
    • Wood Cleaning Brush
    • Spare Screens¬†
    • Australia 3-pin Plug¬†
    • Instructions Sheet

    You can find Replacement Screens and Spare Parts Available Here


    Warranty Info

    • We provide a one year warranty on the PID controller and Heater Coil.¬†
    • Broken glassware should be reported on arrival. Please photograph this in it's packaging so improvements can be made where required.¬†


    Usage notes

    • If using the 14mm bowl with the keck clip and 18mm adapter, when you install the 14mm bowl into the 18mm joint give it a little push and twist to help the two joints lock together, then install the keck clip. This will help prevent the joints rotating unintentionally
    • Unless using this setup with the diffuser bowl (not included, coming soon) it is not advisable to leave the Thermal Twist housing on the bowl. Place the housing on the bowl, inhale, remove the housing setup and place it safely on the stand
    • To avoid the herb being additionally compacted there is a side carb/stopper integrated into the bowl, you can remove this stopper to assist in clearing the bubbler of excess vapor
    • The Heat Guard extends past the bottom of the injector housing for maximum protection, this also helps align the bottom of the injector housing into your bowl for added convenience and makes it very hard to miss! We only mention this as those of you who are already using injector vapes will be unused to this system as with most devices you have to watch closely to ensure the injector is neatly placed into the bowl.¬†
    • The Thermal Twist works really nicely with hash (not bubble), if you double up the mesh screens then break up the material small but not too finely¬†and¬†place some on the top screen it's pretty effective.¬†¬†
    • The Microdose Diffuser Bowl¬†is also great as you can place some into the screen, then place another screen on top to trap it inside the bottom screen. With a little heat soak especially this is highly effective.¬†


    Please perform a burn off cycle on the housing before installed. Once set up, set your PID to 350c (662f) and allow any manufacture residues to burn off. Give it 5 minutes before first use, then turn it down to your desired vaping temperature and allow it to settle there. 


    Caution Note

    1. Do not leave the Housing head in the glass bowl to heat up. As it heats the metal and glass expand and the housing can become stuck in the glass which can cause the glass to break. 
    2. Always use the provided stand for storage, do not store the housing installed on the bowl as over time this can damage the bowl.
    3. Please note the temperature is set to Celsius if you are in UK, EU or AU and Fahrenheit if you are in US or Canada by default.


    Fun features

    The Ruby Twist can be used with the 18mm C/C Quartz Cap vaporizer by the rogue wax works. Just pop the housing over the top of the glass chamber section and use your Quartz Cap vaporizer as a diffuser style bowl! With or without heat soak! If heat soaking you can adjust the mesh screen inside the Quartz Cap chamber so that it sits higher up for a full hybrid experience. You will want to reduce the temps on your pid by around 70-100c if doing this. 

    We also now have the Microdose Diffuser Bowl which has been made specifically for these setups!