Strawberry Avalanche


Strawberry Avalanche - A creamy combination of custard laced with sweet and tangy strawberry. Great as an after dinner vape.

Comes in a 50VG/50PG Ratio in either Ready to Vape or as a Doubler that can be mixed with Nicotine.

Sizes Available

Ready to Vape (no mixing required)

Doubler (for mixing with your own Nicotine)
15ml (comes in a 30ml bottle)
30ml (comes in a 60ml bottle)
60ml (comes in a 120ml bottle)
120ml (comes in 2 x 120ml bottles)

While we try and pre-steep all of our juices for at least a week, we recommended that you let them further steep for at least 24-48 hours after mixing before consumption. With custard & cake based vapes, they taste better the longer you leave them to steep.



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