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  • The SQP aka The Scoop

    The SQP (pronounced: Scoop) is a high quality Stainless Steel scoop and tamper designed for use with a wide range of herb vaporizers. It has a tapered scoop and flat tamper section, with perfectly balanced weighting. A fully functional minimalistic option made from non magnetic material, so it won't get stuck to your grinder or vape during use! 

    The SQP can be loaded flat with around 0..25 grams of ground herb. Ideal for injector/diffuser ball vaporizer bowls and is the scoop that comes included in the Vapvana Screwball and Thermal Twist Kits.

    Due to the tapered design, with the tip of the scoop being narrower, it can also be used to load up vaporizers with smaller chambers, such as the Roffu or Angus, though it has been designed with slightly larger setups in mind and now there is also The SQP Mini which is a more appropriate size for these smaller portable vaporizers. 

    The approximate 0.2g capacity makes for easy and repeatable dosing/load sizes.

    The upward taper also means the scoop can be loaded, and then placed onto scales without spilling its contents! 

    The SQP tamper is round and flat. Very round and very flat. It also has curved edges to avoid damaging your glass! 

    The shape of the handle has a rounded bottom that sits comfortably in your fingers while leaving the top section flat. The flat top section allows for better control over the scoop than a fully rounded handle. The handle is also tapered towards the tamper for added comfort. 

    The underside of the handle also has a balancing groove which has two benefits. Firstly it adds a little extra purchase for controlling the scoop, secondly, and essentially, it adds balance. This means the center of gravity of the scoop is in the dead centre of the handle! 


    • The SQP
    • Herb Scoop and Tamper¬†
    • SS304 Stainless Steel¬†
    • Non Magnetic
    • Approx. 27 grams
    • 65mm Long x 18mm at Widest Point¬†
    • 14mm Wide Tamper¬†
    • 12mm Internal Scoop Diameter¬†
    • Approx. 0.25 Gram Capacity¬†