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    The SQP Mini aka The Scoop Mini

    Our little micro-dosing buddy the SQP (scoop) Mini has arrived! Like its larger sibling the SQP Mini is beautifully machined and balanced to provide a premium tool at a low cost. Made from non metallic 304 Stainless Steel this little scoop and tamper is ideal for loading up and tamping smaller setups such as DynaVaps, dosing caps, the Roffu, V3 Pro, and so on! We have used non-magnetic Steel to avoid it sticking to grinders and vaporizers and making a mess by unintentionally dumping the contents out. 

    Unlike the original larger SQP the mini version does not have a tapered scoop area as we found that in this smaller size the taper caused the scoop to hold onto the herb, so for the Mini we have opted for a straight scoop design. It can however still be placed on a scale while loaded to ensure you know exactly how much you're putting in it. 

    The SQP Mini tamper is round and flat. Very round and very flat. It also has curved edges to avoid damaging your glass! 

    The handle is shaped to have a rounded bottom which sits comfortably in your fingers while leaving the top section flat. The flat top section allows for better control over the scoop than a fully rounded handle. The handle is also tapered towards the tamper for added comfort. 

    The underside of the handle also has a balancing groove which has two benefits. Firstly it adds a little extra purchase for controlling the scoop, secondly and essentially, it adds balance. This means the center of gravity of the scoop is in the dead centre of the handle! 


    • The SQP
    • Herb Scoop and Tamper¬†
    • SS304 Stainless Steel¬†
    • Non Magnetic
    • Approx.¬†7.9 grams
    • Approx. 45.5mm Long x 9mm at Widest Point¬†
    • Approx. 7.8mm Wide Tamper¬†
    • Approx.¬† 7.8mm Internal Scoop Diameter¬†
    • Approx. 0.1 Gram Max Capacity¬†