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  • Thermal Twist Injector Kit by Crossing Technology

    The Thermal Twist Ball-less Injector Kit, was designed by RecVapes in collaboration with Crossing Tech to bring a highly effective and competitively priced injector vape to the market.

    Removing the need for balls entirely from its design this with vortex airflow and a metal core! Available in Grade 2 Titanium. The Vortex airflow removes the need to stir your bowl when used with around 0.1.5-0.2g loads as the hot air does the work for you, removing one additional step while vaping! Just load in one scoop of dried herb, place the housing on the bowl, inhale, then watch it spin up and settle in to place! There's no need to tamp your bowl as the airflow will do this for you too! Due to the spinning airflow the Thermal Twist also makes an excellent micro-doser, happily vaporizing down to around 0.05g.

    This kit comes with everything needed to get started, aside from a Glass Rig or Bubbler (optionally available)

    Please check out this video if you're interested in an in depth review.

    Also featured on Troy and Jerry Think Dank

    Now available online for delivery Australia wide or by visting one of our Melbourne Vape Shops located across melbourne!

    So what's in the kit?

    • Thermal Twist Injector (GR2 Titanium)¬†
    • Crossing Technology Micro PID (1c/1f) (CE/ROHS Certified)
    • 20mm Heater Coil with Silicone Handle Pre-installed (220v Australia)
    • Pre-installed Heat Guard for the Thermal Twist Housing¬†
    • Glass Bowl with a Side-Carb (approx. 0.4g max capacity) - 14.4mm Male Joint Bowl¬†
    • 14.4mm to 18.8mm Male Adapter¬†
    • Keck Clip¬†
    • Steel Stand
    • SQP - Scoop and Tamper¬†
    • Wood Cleaning Brush
    • Spare Screens
    • Australian Power Supply Cable
    • Instructions Sheet