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Truffleberry by The Milkman Delights

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Truffleberry by The Milkman Delights

The Milkman Delights Truffleberry is now available at Wick And Wire Co. Available only in 0mg Nicotine.

Truffleberry from the Milkman’s new Delights line is modeled after a rich and decadent chocolate truffle infused with a mouthwatering raspberry filling. The rich chocolate and sweet raspberry flavors in this exquisite offering are carefully balanced such that neither is overpowered by the other, offering a highly complex flavor throughout the Truffleberry experience.

Now available at Wick & Wire Co. Melbourne's largest Vape Stores located in Cheltenham and Nunwading, or order online for prompt delivery! 


Primary Flavors:  Rich milk chocolate truffle, Raspberry filling

PG/VG Ratio:  Max VG

Bottle Sizes:  60ml

Bottle Type:  Glass with Childproof Dropper Cap